Monday, September 21, 2009

Open Letter to the aBAD artists that I met in NYC

This summer I went to the museum of fine arts here in St. Petersburg, FL. I went to see two exhibits--one on Warhol and the other on artist correspondence... my favorite was a letter from Frida and she left kisses on the bottom with her bright reddish pink lipstick. The show held actual letters with drawings and doddles and the traditional mail correspondence but from artists.

I was very moved by my trip to New York City to see A BOOK ABOUT DEATH. I enjoyed everyone I met there and felt a connection to art and artists.

So here is what I propose...

I want to compile an ongoing zine of our lives. The name of this zine is called ABALCABAL and was dreamed up by two artists: Allan Revich and Mark Bloch. The general idea is that I will compile what you send. I will organize, bind, and send each one of you a copy. Depending on what I get and when... will determine how fast I send it out. But I will do it... you will get it.

Now, I know that a few people haven't answered my (facebook) "friend" request so I can't include them... in this email but by no means--is this an exclusive list. I would like to keep it to those who had something to do with ABAD. So please feel free to repost or email to friends.

If you want to do it all you have to do is start sending... preferably...20 copies (for now) 8.5 X 11 pieces/letters to: (If you are sending internationally I will be happy to do the photocopying for you but keep in mind it will be in black and white). Also please feel free to send stamps or money to offset shipping costs.

Jennifer Zoellner
655 Jasmine Way South
St. Petersburg, FL 33705

The first edition is due by the end of october.
#2 is due at the end of February
#3 is due at the end of June
and so forth.

Jennifer Zoellner


Unknown said...

Hi Jennifer
I was involved as an artist with ABAD and was very excited to take part in the online opening webcast from Australia.
Its great you want to keep this alive and continuing. What sort of stuff do you want us to send?

mythmara said...

Oh oh oh - I missed this the first time around... I'll be sending for next issue. xx mt