Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Why is summer such a busy time?

I'm seriously busy this summer... 
July 5th photo shoot for the TRA'Shion Fashion show
July 15th window installment at Cherie's in downtown St. Petersburg
July 9th ATC Exhibit @Old Hyde Park Art Center
July 11th TRA'shion Fashion Show... 
August 1st rag dolls due for Sarah E. Condon's gallery in WI... 
August 27th--the Chromatophore show!!! 
August ?? Art due for the Morean Arts Center re:meber september show

Hardly time for the mail art that i love.  Here is a piece I mailed out last week. But I keep chugging along.  

Friday, June 26, 2009

Wackystuff is having a money mail art call.  Here is my bill... It is worth zero... seems to me the same value as human life around the globe.  It makes me very sad.  The woman in the center is Neda who was shot in the chest at a demonstration in Tehran, Iran.  She just wanted her vote to count.  Or maybe she was at the wrong time or place.  Now she is dead and her family has been dragged out of their apartment... and left to what fate?  Neda can be seen dying in a video that was once uploaded to utube--then copied to various other sites before it was deleted by utube.  The internet has changed the world... citizens and common man can now see first hand what is really happening around the world.  The media and government is less of a filter of reality... now that pictures can be uploaded and sent all over the world via a cell phone.  I'm not sure where all this is leading. 

Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Thursday, June 18, 2009


Here is some mail art from last Saturday night's PSPS09 show at the Artpool in St. Petersburg, FL. 

Wednesday, June 10, 2009

ok... I've been absent...

My head has been spinning lately... very unhappy with the Obama spending machine... and now listening to NPR story of the day pod cast... Using Psychology To Save You From Yourself and how the Obama administration is using psychology to help you make decisions in your life...  The podcast tells that we can't make decisions or judgements... and the decisions we make don't serve our best interest.  So Michele and Barrak Hussein will be making the best decisions for me...? When did I wake up to the American dream being shattered... where did freedom, justice and the American way go?  Why is the federal government trying to totally crush the middle class?  It's so funny--from the Democrats--choose to have gay marriage, choose to abort your babies, choose, choose, choice... but they want to make all the simple choices for us--how we spend our money, what kind of car we can drive, and soon what doctor we can see or can't see... sounds like no choice at all.  Sounds like freedom being hauled away--while I think most Americans sleep.  And how is NPR spinning this Psychology and how economists and government think about INDIVIDUALS--that we make error in judgements... as a good thing??Yes, let the government make the good choices for you--cause hey, they aren't individuals... they aren't human... and we all know that government doesn't make errors... 

Photos... some of my art and a tasty organic fruit salad... hungry yet?