Sunday, February 28, 2010

Arthouse Coop Sketchbook Project, Brooklyn, NY

Creative Clay Pins were a part of the Peace symbol created by the Mayor of Strawberry Fields

I brought some pins made by the art students at Creative Clay in downtown St. Petersburg to New York City. I didn't know exactly what I was going to do with them. Strawberry Fields took over... and they became a part of the Imagine Peace symbol art piece for that day. The Mayor of Strawberry Fields will keep them in his archives of items left for John Lennon.

Nice People I Saw in NYC FEB. 2010

Michael Andre and the office of Unmuzzled Ox
Karen and Bill Evertson
Arthouse Coop guys
The Mayor of Strawberry Fields
Steven Salzman
Bill Wilson
Paul Hasegawa Overacker

Monday, February 22, 2010

NYC was wonderful

I think i managed to do too much... but what to do? Perhaps next time make more sitting and sketching time or sitting and sipping hot chocolate time. Add in some people watching time... although I did watch a lot of people this time around--I just can't help it. So tonight I'll post some of my favorite pics... that have no story to go with them... make up your own I guess. Of course every picture really does have a story...

Friday, February 12, 2010

recent drawings

Funny thing about doesn't matter at all. What matters is that I'm a good mom, a good wife... sister, daughter... and friend. That's what matters. The love that exists in those relationships is the only lasting thing on this planet. None of these drawings are about you or about me. They are just figments of the imagination.

Tuesday, February 9, 2010

new hair... new start?

I've been thinking about getting a hair cut for about a month now. Last week I finally did it... and went red. It's strange cause I don't know who I am anymore... I look in the mirror and I don't recognize myself. Maybe the hair is just an outward manifestation of the inner struggle. Sometimes I think I don't fit in anywhere. I have no place to be. No place to feel accepted. I'm thirty six years old and I feel completely and utterly lost.

Monday, February 8, 2010

Been a busy little Bee

Hi there! Jenny has been a busy girl. Let's see... I don't know... I was in the latest book about death show in BRAZIL! Here is a video of the opening. Bill Evertson says I'm at: JZ@ :48 & 2:54 Here is the LINK. Special thanks to Angela Ferrara for sending out the call, arranging the show with the MUBE and for hanging such a beautiful show. Angela is an original member of the Abalcabal zine and a NY ABAD artist living in Brazil. (ABAD= A Book About Death)

In recent news... Jeff Crouch is reinventing my work and thus a collaborative baby has been born. Take a look at Jeff's recent work HERE. Our work I guess. This is new territory for me. At least it feels new. I decided over the past couple years that I would say yes to new things. That I would live without fear. That I would not ignore people that cross my path. Or maybe I am crossing their's. It's amazing how the world wide web has connected us to so many of them. Me to you. Me to Jeff. Like the 24 zine... made possible by the internet. It really is quite amazing.

I'm gearing up for a new ABALCABAL zine... just waiting on a few more entries then I'll be able to assemble and send out that zine.

I'm also excited to be going to New York City. I am going to see The Sketchbook Project: Library in Brooklyn hosted by the Arthouse Coop. Here is a link to my arthouse projects.
I also hope to see some artist friends and some galleries. I started packing yesterday... my warmest clothes cause this FL girl doesn't play well with winter.

Happy Birthday Moo. Just want to tell you how much I love you. You are the apple of my eye, the frosting to my cupcake, the rainbow to my liquid sunshine sky. Photo is one we took last year with our most serious faces. Or maybe it was two years ago. My, how time flies. I'll blink and...

Tuesday, February 2, 2010

24 Hour Zine... and South Fluxus was borned January 27th 2010

Artist and Mail Artist... Brent Leopold... sent me a blank magazine with instructions to fill it up and add and pass it to Keith Buchholz, Fluxus St. Louis. So originally the zine was meant to be an add and pass... but, Last week I began making collages and got a good way through it when I thought... I should ask for submissions! I got on facebook and asked people to send me a piece of art, photo or poetry to add to the zine. I got about 10 responses in 3 hours. I added their works to my work and a zine was born. So the whole thing was put together in 24 hours. I named her "South Fluxus" and "SO FU" for short... the theme for this edition was: NOW... I like how fast it came together... and how I photocopied it Friday and mailed on following Monday. Only 14 copies were made. They were given to the willing participants. One copy is currently for sale on ebay. The original went to Keith in St. Louis. Thank you to those who submitted something:
Lancillotto Bellini
Jason Berlin
Maya Van Jeier
Robert Chrysler
Ross Priddle
Daniel C. Boyer
Allan Revich
Gordon Charlton
Brent Leopold
Rain Rien Nevermind
Richard Canard (on Rain's collage piece)

I hope to do this again... I really enjoyed the process.