Saturday, November 21, 2009

Boldly Going Where No Man Has Gone Before...

Tonight we went to the Science center's Sci-Fi and Night sky evening. Saw new pictures of the center of our galaxy--I believe they call it the "Galactic Center." The pictures were generated by the Hubble, the Chandra and the Spitzer. Afterwords we had a discussion about black holes... Time does not exist in a black hole. Yeah, try to wrap your head around that concept... I love science geek nights... they make me think about words like... Paschen Alpha, "light echos from a super nova," "star forming regions," the comet Homes, the blue that is O2 and the red that is H, Star clusters and super novas... Ahh, to be a part of different world of thought for at least one night. Pretty neat to think of the awesomeness of God and the unlimited expanse of His creation. It is mind expanding. Then on the way home Art Bell was talking about the expanse of the human brain--more powerful and complicated than any computer... and that YOUR brain makes all the human technology seems like rocks... Yeah--that Iphone you have--it's just a pebble compared to what is between your ears. Combining these two ideas--the expanse of God's creation and the incredible human potential... a door that only God Himself can open. He will be the bridge that connects our world to the future. There is so much we don't understand. We also had a discussion about string theory... and now the new thing to be talking about is membrane theory... totally invisible but watch out if membranes collide!! "M theory." I won't pretend to understand any of that but it still peaks my interest.

January 2010-- 400th Anniversary of Galileo ...discovers Jupiter's moons,
July 2010-- 400th Anniversary of Galileo first observes Saturn's rings
December 2010-- 400th Anniversary of Galileo confirming Venus' phases.

Some dates to put on your calendar! Space... the final frontier...

I'll be making some groovy mail art out of the NASA photo/postcards I picked up tonight...
(I picked up a map at the GIS event and I told the guy I was going to make a piece of mail art out of it... he wasn't pleased.) Hopefully NASA will be better sports...I mean we are twitter pals and all...

After the power point we had the sci-fi portion of the evening... we saw the new Star Trek movie--projected on to the side of the building. We sat with all the kids and my mom and watched it. It was the first time for her... we saw it in the theater a while back. I love that young Spock and the young Captain Kirk... so reminiscent of my childhood... watching all the old episodes with my Dad. I think I've seen almost all of the old series. Never got into the next generation stuff or whatever that was... but liked the old school, "set your lasers to stun." Anyway it was a fun family evening... The only thing that could of better is if it would of been a clear night and we could of seen something through the telescope at the Planetarium on site!

Thursday, November 19, 2009

November 19, 2009

You know I wonder how far this shoe is going to drop.

Things to be happy about:

I'm not pregnant.
Obama is putting off my mammogram until I'm 50! Yeah, more years to wait until seeing a doctor!!
There are no hurricanes heading towards my house.
Currently still have a house.
The children are healthy!
Food in the fridge!
People may just like the ABALCABAL zine!
Possibility to make money on Sunday.
Marina at Artpool sold some of my stuff and made me some dough.
Good sex is free. (thanks for this afternoon honey)
Still have internet service.
**A little patience and this is all going to be okay. Right?

Once Upon a time

Jeanne-Claude, 74, American artist and resident of New York City, died suddenly November 18, 2009 as a result of of complications due to a ruptured brain aneurysm.

Christo is deeply saddened by the passing of his wife, partner and collaborator and is committed to honor the promise they made to each other many years ago: The art of Christo and Jeanne-Claude will continue.

Christo is dedicated to completing their current works in progress: Over The River, Project for the Arkansas River, State of Colorado, and The Mastaba, Project for the United Arab Emirates, as Jeanne-Claude would wish.

Christo and Jeanne-Claude met in Paris, France in November, 1958, sharing the same date of birth and have worked together for 51 years creating temporary works of art.

It is Jeanne-Claude's wish that her body be donated to scientific research.

A memorial will be announced at a later date. Christo requests that flowers not be sent. Memorial gifts may be made to the charity of your choice.

Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Novemnber 17, 2009

I was going to watch panscan tonight but I couldn't get it to work... tried everything... oh well.

I'm exhausted anyway... spent the day with lots of crumbcakes. I volunteered to go on a field trip with cookie crumb number dos and had a lovely time... came back to the school and finished the day off with cookie crumb number tres... So I've been geo tracking and teaching sunshine math all in one long day. Exhausted I am. It was a day of no art unless you count me teaching probability to first graders as art... I think it just might be... I don't like probability... in the sense that I want to win by a slim chance... I think that's the angle I'm generally playing...

This Sunday I'll be at Studio 620 peddling my wares... get them now cause when they are gone... I'm not making any more! What I have left I will randomly send all over the world. That's my plan and I'm sticking to it... or straight to the shredder... It just seems like the right thing to do. ha ha. (insert evil laugh here)

Have a good night... panscan free due to technical difficulties...

Monday, November 16, 2009

My mail box runneth over...

I really can't begin to tell you about the neat things that have been delivered to my home in the past week or so... Today, for example, I received my first Fluxbox in the mail. Crumbcake #3 took a video of me opening it. She did a pretty good job and I'm uploading it to Youtube right now! Keith Buchholz sent me my first fluxbox! You never forget your first fluxbox. I don't think I will.

Last Friday I rec'd a small package in the mail from Bill Evertson. I met Bill in the mail last year... you might remember he made that fantastic mailart piece for chromatophore--the copper mesh envelope? This package contained a hand made stamp... with an octopus on it! It's simply amazing! The neat part is that it was totally unexpected! Thank you so much Bill for thinking of me!

I got a deck of cards in the mail from Artchix studio. They sell all sorts of cute things to make artist trading cards or whatever your crafty heart desires. My ATC from about a year ago, I think... is on one of the cards so they sent me a free deck! I'm the Ace of clubs...

I received a giant tube in the mail too of recent times. It was filled with x-tra large photocopies of Henry Darger's art. This was from Rain Rien Nevermind. We had been conversing about Darger on facebook... one thing led to another and I got a nice package in the mail... I painted over the Darger image and added my own words and mailed a piece back to Rain. I'm guessing its not what he had in mind. I often don't play the game correctly... Photo is of what I sent!

Today I also received a little gift of some special treats from Good Mail Day. Good Mail Day is a wonderful book written by Jennie Hinchcliff and Carolee Gilligan Wheeler. I was a participant in the book... they used a piece of my mail art in it so they sent a little thank you package... it included: the patch that is pictured here... one of a hundred--a limited supply, a zine about making the book and other official book documents. Very classy ladies! Thank you!

Thursday, November 12, 2009

blue skys smiling at me

I've been working feverishly on the abalcabal zine. Last night I assembled... today I addressed envelopes and decorated the envelopes. Tommy did some rubber stamping and drawing on each envelope previously... but I felt like I had to add a few more things... I did not want them to look naked. After all, issue #1 has to set a precedent or something. I wanted it to be super special... but like all my zines... they just may end up special and the super left out... The ABALCABAL zine was born from the birth pangs of death. That is... the A Book About Death show that took place September 10, 2009 in New York City... The show was Matthew Rose's invention that drew about 500 participants. Each participant sent in 500 postcards about death. Every postcard had to say, "A Book About Death." Then at the show you could take the postcards that you wanted to pick up. For me the best part about the show was the people I met. Some I had passed in the mail but others were brand new acquaintances... others were only people I found while googling, "Ray Johnson." Now they all lived and breathed and moved. They did the dance of death and opened doors to friendship and possibilities. Meeting artists of similar minds was very gratifying to me. It made me feel --not so alone--in this world. To be truthful people in general don't understand mail art or care about it at all. Me, on the other hand... I pretty much breath for it. I'll never forget Keith Buchholz saying, "Jennifer Zoellner"--and it rolled off his tongue like he KNEW who I was... like he couldn't believe that it was me! And he did know who I was... our postcards had passed each other via the postal hands that delivered them. New York City and the Abad weekend left me wanting more... left me not wanting for it to end... so I emailed a group of abaders and invited them to take part in a zine about our lives. 19 artists participated in Abalcabal Zine #1. Tomorrow I am mailing. The work itself is fantastic... and like any zine... it's a labor of love.

Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Ria Vanden Eynde: Artists Who paint themselves... A place to email your self portrait...

Here is a portrait of my friend Ria. It can be found on Deborah Ross's website ARTISTS PAINT THEMSELVES. Ria Vanden Eynde is a wonderful painter, mailartist, and friend. She was recently interviewed and featured on W-Woman Globally. Check it out! Her work is beautiful and she is a beautiful soul. I hope you enjoy learning something about her.

Deborah Ross is interested in having mail artists email her their self portraits. So if you've painted yourself and mailed it she may post your work on her blog.


Email me, Deborah Ross, a jpg image which is clear and cropped. Include your name, email, website or blog address, size, title, medium and a little background on your work.
My email is

Saturday, November 7, 2009

Sunday, November 8, 2009

Don't forget the UR Toy Story Mail art call!

I've been behind with everything... I've been sending out a lot of mail art but not advertising for my mail art call at all... I did much more last year... much more work... so I'm behind now...

I'm on a roll... with the bad news... it's been frustrating at least... depressing at worst. Nothing I can tell you about. I'm ready to melt into the sunset. I would like to become a blurr of color and then a dark abyss sinking into the sea.

Tommy is back to being homeschooled. We have seven to ten days until the Virtual school kicks in... I've done all my parts to get him signed up. Middle school had my head spinning right from day one. So I'm glad that stress is over. And I already know what to expect from homeschool. I know that I'm going to have to be tougher on him and really watch over him like a hawk. It shouldn't be too hard as my sewing room and the computer room are one. Obviously I can't just sit and watch him and do nothing... ha.

One of my best friends has h1n1 and they are in a high risk category. I'm so freaked out... I cried over it. And I prayed that God would see this person through... Can't even begin to imagine loosing this person.

And that's the news that I can share...

I just want to say that I am thankful for the fledgling network of friends that is beginning to form in the shape of Abalcabal. Bill Wilson gave me a "maybe in 9 days" about participating. He's really busy right now. I was grateful that he wrote back. He said he liked the paddle that I sent him--it's the one I titled, "Ode to May Wilson." I believe that I posted a pic of it here previously. Cecil is the last one who said they were sending. I may just send out the zine when I get his piece. And if Mr. Wilson does send something--it can go in the February issue... It will give us all something more to look forward to...

Some good news--we plan on going Panning for gold for thanksgiving. Isn't that just the funniest thing ever? I love panning for gold, also liked hunting for diamonds in the open face diamond mind in Arkansas. I just dig that kind of thing... It must be my super focused obsessive nature. Couple that with my desire to win... This is my parent's idea. It should be so much fun... They have a very nice camper so we won't be roughing-it too much... I really don't like sleeping in a tent--we did that last year when we took all 5 crumbcakes camping in the Keys... John Pennekamp state park. The snorkelling was awesome... but sleeping in the girls tent on an air mattress was a bit uncomfy for me. My favorite camping experience is when Ted and I went to Key West and then took a boat to the Dry Tortugas National Park. That was an experience never to be forgot... the snorkelling was amazing there... the water was crystal clear and teeming with ocean life... including some squid that kept changing colors as I chased them up and back near the fort wall. I borrowed my dad's underwater digital camera so I kept trying to get good shots of them. And I did get a few. We saw a giant lobster who made his home in the fort wall... The Dry Tortugas is the only place where you can snorkel a reef and only be in about 4 ft of water. The reef has attached itself to the walls of the fort's moat. So when you snorkel you are actually snorkelling around the fort wall. Watch out for the Portuguese Man-O-War... there are quite a few around and the tentacles stretch out and are almost invisible... did you know that sea turtles eat them? The top part of the man-o-war looks like a ziploc bag--even a similar blue color... they even look plastic... it's no wonder why sea turtles accidently eat floating plastic bags...

Well that trip down memory lane was a nice diversion... I feel a little better already...

Oh--Andy who has the blog--my real wall... wrote some very nice things about my most recent mail art to him. Thank you Andy!

Thursday, November 5, 2009


Here are some current mail art pieces that I've mailed out!
The top photo is a mail art happening that Tommy and I did outside of the post office. I mailed quite a few pieces for the Mail Sketch 2010 call... all international this time.
The last two photos are a collaborative piece that Richard Canard sent me, asked me to add dots and then send on to Japan. Those type of orders... I follow pretty well.

Ria Vanden Eynde

I met Ria last year... on the internet of all places. We both did the " A Book About Death" show curated by Matthew Rose. She sent lovely pieces of mail art to the Chromatophore show too. And a couple of weeks ago she sent me this piece and this book. I was so thrilled to receive them. I like Ria's "Riathing" that is modeled after a Raything. The Book is called, "ray johnson on flop art" and is a collection of pieces of conversations between Ray Johnson and Clive Phillpot. Thank you so much Ria! Please check out Ria's blog HERE.