Friday, February 3, 2012

This morning.

So...I drop off CC#2 at his bus stop... another boy waiting there had picked a bunch of kumquats off a tree right next to the stop and had thrown them on the ground and stomped them... and was throwing them into the street for cars to run over... So I got out of my car...(cause I saw him doing it and all)... and thought this could go very badly for me. But I did it anyway--explaining to him that he shouldn't be picking someone else's fruit and making a mess out of the bus stop. (which is also a public transit stop) I told him to pick them up... and he did it. He was so ashamed and wouldn't even look at me. So when he sat down to wait for the bus--I held out my hand and said, "Hi I'm Ben's mom, Jennifer." He looked up at me--red eyes with tears and said, "My mom's name is Jennifer too." And I said, "Well Jennifers are good people."