Sunday, March 21, 2010

And the collage goes on!

Tommy's drawing on top
A box piece I did Friday...something about Treasure and sour grapes.
Tommy's 3-d piece he did Thursday night
and a bunch of people who were at a Morean collage party last night!

Last night I was talking with a gal who said she wouldn't go to an Artpool event cause you have to pay to get in. Ironically, you had to pay to be at this collage party/beer tasting event and have to pay to see almost all the shows that the Art Center displays. So for the price of a movie and a snack you can go to a fabulous art party at the Artpool. And if you want to just see the art on a different day--that is FREE. So I think Artpool has more free art than the Morean... I'm just saying. You do the math.

Saturday, March 20, 2010

Thursday night I had my collage party at the Morean!

Had a lovely time and was tickled pink over the people who showed up! Thanks friends!!
From Top to Bottom:
Food and Andrew Topel
Jim Morey and Coralette Damme
Jennifer Cox-Wunderlich and Marina Williams
Crumbcake #1
Cindy Linville and her boyfriend
Malcolm Johnson and Jorge Vidal
Jim Morey and CC#3 (Jim was her collage project)
Ted Zoellner
Crystal and Andrew Topel
Calan Ree and I

Sunday, March 14, 2010

Saturday night opening of the Collage Party!

Yes, I had to go back Saturday night to see how things went opening night... arrived at about 7 pm and stayed until half past eight. I brought a few images from home, my exacto and my hot pink duct tape... cause you know I am a huge art nerd. I met a lovely couple who seemed to "get it." Maybe "get me." So I invited them to my Thursday night collage party... this Thursday at the Morean... from 6pm to 8 pm... be there or be square... or something like that. To be honest--I have no idea how many people might just turn up. I hope you all come though. I'm gonna do my best to have some hors d'oeuvres and drinks. One can never have enough friends, art and hors d'oeuvres!!

the Morean community collage project...

Friday was rainy, overcast and humid. Tommy and I headed over to the Morean Art Center to help Jorge Vidal install/set up the collage gallery. It will be a two week community event. I was somewhat shocked when Jorge told me to, "go to it" and I began putting things up on the walls. I was only laying a foundation for the masses to come and do what they pleased to it. So really... a rather meaningless job--and it's no wonder that he couldn't get some other local schlub to do it. But I believe in the idea of community art. And I believe in the idea that anyone can make art. I also just like being with people and creating something at the same time. Here are some pictures of the gallery at the end of the day... Tommy worked hard with Jorge stringing the yarn around the two poles. It was a tiresome day but at the end--I felt really good--like I lived in the moment. And that's all it was a moment in time.

Tuesday, March 9, 2010


stolen image
Gala Dali
Rosa Parks
Sit down 4 something U believe in
coming down 2 deadline time
nmp = not my problem
damage noted
ALICE in wunderland
"2 teaspoons of wishful thinking"
I'll make my path with with muchness!
don't loose lose loose loce ur muchness
or ur breakfast


Sunday, March 7, 2010

March 7, 2010

It's been a long time since I wrote something important on this blog. I used to write how I felt. But perhaps it's too dangerous to actually say what one really thinks.
I licked a decal today from the "Maris Chemical Products Co..." Big mistake as the taste is lingering in my mouth. My favorite song in college was "Linger" by the Cranberries. I still like it today. Today I did a lot of laundry. And I actually folded it all... so it hasn't made a giant mountain on top of the couch. Do you know Jeff Crouch? He has a blog about pretend famous album covers... I email him photos and he makes new album covers. I made a fluxbox for Keith Buchholz's latest call. I covered it in black paper and fixed the nasty tasting label on the top, "Maris Chemical... " and wrote, "JZ in an oak box. Inside is all sorts of important things from my life. A time capsule of me. Which I am sure is not a flux box. But, oh well. The most important thing is an earring that my Grandma gave me. She died when I was 16.. of cancer. I used to have both earrings. In college I was dating the guy named Mr. X and lost one earring in his Cadillac. I was really upset about it. Probably an understatement...

Fisheye photos from NYC trip

Thursday, March 4, 2010

the MUNNY show at Tampa Skate Park

Hi painted 3 "Munny"s manufactured by Kidrobot for this groovy art show. Two of my munnys will be displayed in the Urban Outfitter store window now until... mid March I guess...