Wednesday, October 31, 2012

What Kind of Weather Do I Like by Crumbcake #3

What Kind of Weather Do I Like by Crumbcake #3 AGE 9 I like weather that makes daisies bloom! That makes the blue birds sing! I like weather that makes children laugh and play when the sun comes out with another friend. Can you guess who that is? The RAINBOW! I love weather when it rains and storms. All the fresh air it makes. It all comes by magic. To me it does. Do you know the other thing I like about weather? I like that it makes every thing grow! And come alive again, every time. The best thing I like about weather is that the fresh air just opens my mind and soothes my heart, makes me so relaxed and at peace. When the cool dark hour is so fierce and sometimes it seems as if the sky is crying in a familiar way that makes everything and everyone at peace and the whole world is hushed, silenced--put to sleep. As if someone has stopped the world. That is what kind of weather I like.

Friday, February 3, 2012

This morning.

So...I drop off CC#2 at his bus stop... another boy waiting there had picked a bunch of kumquats off a tree right next to the stop and had thrown them on the ground and stomped them... and was throwing them into the street for cars to run over... So I got out of my car...(cause I saw him doing it and all)... and thought this could go very badly for me. But I did it anyway--explaining to him that he shouldn't be picking someone else's fruit and making a mess out of the bus stop. (which is also a public transit stop) I told him to pick them up... and he did it. He was so ashamed and wouldn't even look at me. So when he sat down to wait for the bus--I held out my hand and said, "Hi I'm Ben's mom, Jennifer." He looked up at me--red eyes with tears and said, "My mom's name is Jennifer too." And I said, "Well Jennifers are good people."