Tuesday, August 26, 2008

I just thought this was such a dandy photo--taken from the outside looking in

Hello again, hello! The art show was a lot of fun. I got to meet several of the artists and sip JoEllen's sangria--what could be better? A lot of my family and friends came to the show and I was so blessed to have them! Also a really neat singer named--Rebecca Zapen played at the Globe that night too. She's worth checking out--try www.zapen.com and she's also on myspace. My Mailart zine is also on sale at www.weeklyhoot.etsy.com --for those who are interested in mail art!!

Thursday, August 21, 2008

The day is coming...

Soon it will be the mail art extravaganza opening at the Globe. I'm a little excited. I'm also showcasing my new zine--Mail Art 2008: Self-Portrait. It is being professionally printed at a place called Jazz Printing. It should be divine. (In a very physical, non spiritual way). I'm picking up the zine at the printer on Friday--sewing all the books together by hand or machine and then they'll be done. I've sold two on pre-sales. I'm hoping to sell them all so that I can make my printing money back--you know the drill. It's also my birthday. I'll be posting photos of the event sometime next week. Next week the boys go to their gifted class so we'll start the chasing! (Chasing to p-u chasing to d-off.) We also start Mr. Doug's science class on Wed. Should be thrilling--as it always is!!
Ted has worked on our backyard. I so desperatedly wanted something better than the junk heap and weeds that we've got out back. So it's really shaping up with some upcycled materials--pavers and bricks discarded by someone else--and given to us. We got free mulch from the city. So add that with some back breaking work... and wa-la... garden bliss. (well almost!) At least now I could invite someone over and we could hang in the backyard and not be too embarrassed. One year for lulu's birthday we hired farm animals and pony to come to the house. It was fantastic. Just thought I'd add that in!! Well it's 8:33 am and we start homeschool at 9am so I better be going!

Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Hurricane Faye?


Here's a neat website with all sorts of good hurricane information. It looks like we'll be okay here in Tampa Bay.

We'll have a normal day of homeschool--even if we lose electricity. ho-hum. On another note--I'll be having my mail art show this Saturday night at the Globe in lovely downtown St. Petersburg.
www.globecoffeelounge.com For more info. I'll be featuring 53 pieces of mail art sent to me over the past few months. The theme of the show is "self-portrait." If you'd like to be involved for next year's show please add the group: Mail ARTists Unite to your facebook. (www.facebook.com). I'll have all the updates there--including the new theme. I was thinking about: Recycle. Possibilities with that one are endless...

Benny got to go with Granny yesterday to Busch Gardens. I think he had a grand time. I really don't like going there so the passes were a HUGE waste of money. I do not like the crowds and I don't like waiting in lines. And really I'm disillusioned with the whole idea of a theme park. But, the kids like it so I pain myself to take them. Lately I do not want to go anywhere--I seem to be so productive with my art and homemaking these days it seems like such a waste of time to be other places. I'm happy at home. If I get bored with home I'll have to figure something else out. I used to be obsessed with shopping and going places. Really--how many clothes does one person need? Not nearly as much as I have. So quitting shopping has done a world of good for me. Yesterday I made two dresses for my Lulu. I used fabric that I already have. I have a huge stock of fabric. I love to make quilts, dresses, sometimes purses, rag dolls. In between painting and writing my zine I keep busy with the machine. (sewing machine and serger). I feel incredibly blessed with this American life. Incredibly. It's a blessing to live in this country of plenty and I thank God every day for the food we eat, the house we live in, my husband who provides for the family, my family, really the blessings in my life seem endless. And I know that everything in life is temporary and I know that some people have it better than me and some people have it worse. But I give the glory to God.

Monday, August 18, 2008

Wake up America!

Goodmorning. Yes, I should be sleeping and here I am again... awake at 5 am. I've been reading Sophie Scholl and the White Rose by Annette Dumbach and Jud Newborn. Probably a book that will be banned by future administrations. I just can't wait until all of our rights are removed! Socialism is going to be so FUN!! I guess you can sense my sarcasm? I wish--as a nation--we could wake up to the government take over happening right before our eyes. I don't really care if it's McCain or Obama--each will take us on a socialist path. Should we not be afraid of the FAIRNESS doctrine?? Do you really want a world court to rule over America? (and the world). How well does the government really do things--so well that you want them to take over every major corporate business?? NO! Power to the people!! But the people need to wake up in America! It's time for a third party choice... I'm just saying. If the cowards--Rush and glenn would get there stuff together and start touting Ron Paul or someone who was not a socialist--then that would be a start. It's time America to take back what is ours. Let's not drink the koolaide, let's not get FREE everything for EVERYONE!! When will you realize that nothing is free and that you can no longer be bribed with YOUR OWN MONEY??!!!

Thursday, August 14, 2008

Today it was pouring on my way to my weekly acupuncture appointment. It's my "me" time that I've allowed myself to enjoy. It's hard to do that sometimes... okay, most of the time. The rain today reminded me of high school--running from class to class through the rain. Getting to class--soaking wet and then freezing in the air conditioning. It was a beautiful time in life. Only I didn't really know it. I loved that rain. I loved being wet to the skin. I loved not caring what my hair looked like and not caring that I was shivering. I was totally unaware of myself at that time. I wore clothing too big and too masculine--men's dress shirts with jeans and a trench coat. I wanted to be liked but didn't dress for the occasion. And I was liked--liked for me I think. Now I think a lot about putting my best foot forward to look beautiful. Deep down I still don't care what I look like but somehow as a mom and wife I feel I have to look a certain way. I'm slowly reteaching myself that it really doesn't matter what I wear... what matters is doing what is right--following God and being true to me. You have to figure out what is God's rules and what is everything else that people make up and try and make you do. So that's where I am.

So what's up with Russia invading Georgia? I know they want a complete monopoly on oil pipelines... is the world gonna sit back and let it happen. Surely Europe has to be shivering in it's boots to know that this winter Russia will be controlling their heating oil... When are we going to drill in the US and stop our dependence on foreign oil--until we can get some legit alternative energy??

Monday, August 11, 2008


UGH. ANother sleepless night. This time i woke up at 2:30 a.m. I'm seriously thinking about... sleeping. Tonight I'm up with a runny nose and instead of taking some drug--I'm up surfing the net. Not too many people are online right now. Although the band PlayradioPlay was online on myspace. Unusual little band. I'm not really in to computerized music. I'm more of an acoustic girl. I just looked down and realized that I'm not wearing my wedding rings. Oops. Took them off yesterday to go the beach. The water was especially salty yesterday. It salt stuck to me like sugar to a sugar cookie. We went to Shell Key yesterday with the fam plus one. Today I start homeschooling the little crumb cakes. I'm somewhat prepared and excited. I just wish I was sleeping and that my nose wasn't running. UGH.

Wednesday, August 6, 2008

I can't sleep. I should be fast asleep. Maybe it's that crazy movie I watched tonight called, "Derailed." It derailed my sleep--thanks JEN2 for recommending it. No problemo sweetie--it was a interesting movie. The movie stars Jennifer Aniston and Clive Owen. Clive is a cutie. I won't tell you what it is about but it has a lot twists and turns and not totally predictable.

I'm listening to Secondhand Serenade right now--they are the Air Supply of this younger generation. It's Air Supply with a little kick. I accidentally saw them in concert when we went to see Yellowcard acoustic at the State theater. There were a bunch of bands playing that night... Play Radio Play, Secondhand S, Treaty of Paris, and another band who I bought a t-shirt from and which I can't remember the name of... too funny. I like the State Theater--it's an old theater that they have concerts in now... I guess you could of figured that one out already. Anyway--I love the whole general admission thing and I like the upstairs balcony. It's sweet in a gross old building way.

Oh, this week I went to a baseball game with my hubie and folks. We had a good time--I thought I would be bored with it--but I ended up really liking it--despite the fact that we lost. BOO HOO.

I think I'm ready for homeschool--starting next week!! Jumping right in--a week early from public school--but we got a lot of info to cover this year! I'm taking on Chemistry and American history... we'll see how that goes! I'm guessing I'm going to learn a lot! I hope the kids do too!

Monday, August 4, 2008

Guinea Pigs

We sold our first, of 3 Guinea pigs yesterday. It is always difficult to see baby animals leave home--never to return. The guy seemed nice enough. Didn't seem like a weird-o or someone practicing Santa-ria. (you know what happens to those animals... if you ever see a hoof, foot, etc hanging from a rearview mirror--they didn't buy those at the ethnic grocery store...) So we didn't want to sell a guinea pig to someone who was going to offer him up as some sort of animal sacrifice. I guess I could think of other worse things for an animal but not going to mention them here. It's difficult to part with our little animal friends. Belle is the momma guinea pig. She always looks a little sad when a guinea pig leaves. She's seems annoyed with the babies for still wanting to nurse but she butts them away! "Leave me alone!" she says. But still, when they are gone--and I mean all gone she gets a little lethargic, begins to over eat and sleeps away the day. No happy chipering noises... I would say she gets depressed. That's what happened with the last batch--a little over a year ago. So this year we are keeping one--a female to be her friend and companion. We have two male guineas but she can't shack up with those guys--for one they'll fight over her and for two... we'll be making more lil piggies...