Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Studio Review

A collage of mail art was featured in the Studio Review. It is a local magazine about art! The magazine Launch party was this past Saturday night! If you are interested in mail art you should check out my mail art blog.... www.jenniferzoe.blogspot.com My mail art show with the theme of "UR TOY STORY" will be going on until August 1st and then the grand show will be September 11th at the Artpool Gallery! All work will be shown.

Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Tuesday, June 8, 2010

New Art delivered to ArtON! Central and Simple Living in St. Petersburg, FL.

All the paintings are at ArtOn! Central and the rag doll named "Trudy" was delivered to Simple Living!

New Mail art SENT.

Barenaked Ladies and Serena Ryder in Charleston, S.C. June 5, 2010

The concert was super fantab... as usual with the Ladies. The gal that opened for them was wonderful too... her name is Serena Ryder. I bought her CD and when they said she'd be in the lobby for autographs--I got up during her last song and went to stand in line to meet her. I was that impressed. I ended up being the first in line. You should buy her CD it is called, "Is It O.K." BUY IT. I can't get enough of her.

Wednesday, June 2, 2010

The hair cut

It seemed essential that today I would get the perfect haircut to start my new life. The gal tenderly massaged my head and thoughtfully washed my hair. I let myself totally relax and sat peacefully. She said I looked good for my age. She couldn't believe that I have three crumbcakes. I will be thirty seven this summer. I'm at peace with thirty seven. She asked me if I had God in my life. Yes, I go to church. She thought that would be the best place to heal myself and the crumbcakes. You know, cause you can't help but tell the beautician everything.

This morning I had a half hour between dropping the cakes off at school and the hair cut appointment. I went to starbucks and got a coffee. In the case they were out of low-fat blueberry cake. They did have the low fat cinnamon swirl cake. I asked for a piece. I only get sweets on a special occasion... a handful of times throughout any given year. Today was special wasn't it? I sat in an over-sized, grey, velvet chair--the kind that eats you up and sinks you in--like a hug from Grandma as a child. I read Perec... learning about a double murder at Chaumont-Porcien. Almost as fascinating as the bathtub scene pages before. I overhead one man say to another, "It's time to do what's right in God's eyes." He was a bald, tattooed-flip-flop-wearing man. Older than me by fifteen years. I was shocked to hear him say it so I wrote it down on the inside cover of, "Life a User's Manual." The two men watched me leave the coffee shop. I was wearing my favorite denim, red platforms and a white blouse that had more ruffles than I usually allow. I was also wearing a purple bra that you could see, through the cotton blouse. A simple, meaningless gesture of--"I don't really care right now." And I would venture to say, that most people won't notice or care either. My tiny acts of rebellion are quaint. Yet, they are my own.

After the hair cut... I walked to my car. Ten minutes left on the meter. I ate the low fat cinnamon swirl cake--licking each one of my fingers slowly and methodically. My new life just began.