Thursday, July 22, 2010

And this afternoon's painting


I finished this last night. Can you ever feel the joy or drudgery that certain people exude? There are people who give out energy and happiness and then others who zap you of your glow. I'm hoping to be the kind of person who gives joy. There is a value to thinking positive and living positive.

Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Tra'shion Fashion 2010

Every month Artpool Gallery on first Avenue North... puts on a snazzy razzie art party. Marina Williams is the owner and orchestrator of these mind blowing events. If you come to m & m or just come to be a fly on the wall... you will have a great time! This past Saturday night was a huge night for Artpool with their Tra'shion fashion show. Area clothes designers put their greenness and recycling brains to work making fashion out of trash... or discarded goods. Fashion was the main event but there were so many other things going on... it's hard to even describe it all. You could have your face painted, you could watch artists demonstrating their painting techniques on canvas, inside was the bar and an art show on the walls as well as a huge selection of vintage items and clothing for sale. And that's not really have to come out and see it to believe it! Join the hippest party in town at the Artpool. For more information on how to show your art at the Artpool or to get the schedule of the next art party please visit the Artpool Website!

The New Dali

A couple of weekends ago... I was privileged to go on a hard-hat tour of the new Dali museum. She is being built to withstand a category 5 hurricane. Amazing and beautiful structure. If you are not a memeber of the Dali museum... now is the time to join! New museum is set to open January 1st! For more information about the Dali please CLICK HERE!

Monday, July 19, 2010

Mail art subscription!

Richard Canard and I were talking months ago about making a way to make money on mail art... why not? Traditionally mail art is something sent for free. We were thinking it would be nice to make mail art available to normal folks who have no intention on getting involved in the underground society that is mail art. I have added mail art subscriptions to my etsy shop. Currently you can buy a one year subscription to Richard Canard and me... Jennifer Kosharek.

Link to Mail art subscription to Richard Canard.

Link to Mail art subscription to Jennifer Kosharek.

Sunday, July 11, 2010

I also have work avaliable at Artpool

Artpool carries a wide variety of my art work...including these painted recycled leather wallets. You can also find paintings of mine there! Artpool carries local, handmade ART as well as vintage goodies! Say "Hi" to the eclectic beauty and owner of Artpool... Marina Williams.

Avaliable at Artful Living

Artful Living is located at:
1100 First Avenue North
Dome District, St. Petersburg, FL 33705
Artful Living carries a wide variety of Kosharek art and goods!

Saturday Night in the Burg!

Saturday night...started the evening at Kahwa coffee and ended at the Globe Coffee Lounge. In between did the 600 Block and ArtON! Central gallery.

Had a lovely time with my friends Cherie and Britt Doughtie. At Kahwa saw the art of Chad Mize and Philip Clark, who work together as "Blue Lucy." The current show is called "Mugs." If you collect coffee mugs or the art of Blue Lucy... you will love this show. There is a mug for everyone... even JUDY!

There was a radical looking guy playing one of the hand made guitars outside of ArtON! Central. Totally fun times and saw some of my work on the walls and on the shelves there. Drop by and buy some local, handmade creations! (Shameless Plug... but i need the money...) Stopped by and saw Gallery Woo. In the photo with the Doughties is Bill Correira of Woo Galleries and Me!

Ended the night at the Globe Coffee Lounge where Cheri and I shared an unbelievable Asian meatloaf wrap. And then a slice of apple pie a la mode!! Joellen rocks the Globe with her superior delectable dishes (And affordable)!! Natty Moss Bond and Steve Peake and their band played some oldies but goodies and we jived out to their tunes... a PERFECT evening!

Wednesday, July 7, 2010

BEBE Birds!

Last week crumbcake #1 found a birds nest... a mocking bird's nest to be more exact. Last week there were four chicks... today I only count three. Last week momma bird didn't seem to care too much about me taking a picture... This week--the chicks have more feathers and are slightly more cute and she dive bombed me three times. I wonder if she misses that fourth mouth to feed?

Recent arties

Truman Bentley Jr. gave me a stack of handmade canvases. Here are two that I have painted... so far!