Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Post Mail Art Opening!

Bibiana Padilla Maltos Fluxus performer and artist
Me and my lovely Mom who also baked so many goodies for the evening!
Mark Haber and his wife Ulrika Moats. Mark is a writer and read a piece of his.
Crumbcakes enjoying the performance portion of the evening.
Christopher Reynolds, Fluxus performer and Artist
Me and Crumbcake #1 enjoying the performances.
My dad and mom!
Truman Bentley Jr... videographer extraordinaire.
Crumbcake#2, Christopher Reynolds, Christine Rebecca Flach
Andrew and Crystal Topel
Bibiana and Keith Buchholz
Reed Altemus--Fluxus performer and artist
Reid Wood, Fluxus performer and artist
Me, Keith, Christine, Christopher and Reid
Bibiana and Andrew shake hands after finishing a Flux Memory Game with Bread
Keith performing!
Rebecca Zapen was our wonderful musical guest!!
I am posting some of Marina Williams fantastic photos of the opening of UR TOY STORY this past Saturday night.  Check out Marina on her website by CLICKING HERE.  I thoroughly enjoyed looking at her pictures of the event.  She is a professional photographer (obviously) so you should consider her for your next big event!

Wednesday, September 1, 2010

UR TOY STORY Mail art show!

Hi everyone! I've been working hard to get everything ready for the UR Toy story mail art show... a show that I have been working on for a YEAR! I've been advertising and collecting mail art for this show all year! I'll be displaying about 500 pieces of mail art from many different countries... I'm guessing at least 20 different countries.  It's been an amazing year of art and i was happy to document all the pieces on my Jenniferzoe blog.  This year I will also be hosting a Fluxus performance and poetry reading event! Mark Haber, local famous writer will be doing a reading.  Local singer and song writer, Rebecca Zapen will be our musical performer!  That will be three years in a row for Rebecca and I together with art and music! And some super fantastic artists will be showing up to do Fluxus performance.  I'm guessing you are asking yourself--"what in the world is fluxus performance?"  Well show up next Saturday night at the Artpool gallery and find out!  There are so many cool artists flying in from all over the USA to perform for us!  Reed Altemus, Truman Bentley Jr, Keith Buchholz, Ginny Lloyd, Bibiana Padilla Maltos, Andrew Topel, Reid Wood and Christopher Reynolds (and ME) will all be HERE!! Can you imagine??  I really can't believe all these super cool artists will come to our little city.  It's going to be one art party!  Be sure to buy your ticket early--because it will save you $5 per ticket.  Tickets are $10 if you prebuy at www.artpoolrules.com but if you wait to get it at the door it will be a whopping $15.  But, with that ticket you will get the musical genius of Rebecca Zapen, the artistic fabulousness of the Kosharek mail art collection, and unbelieveable FLUXUS PERFORMANCES from world renoun FLUXUS ARTISTS! Plus cookies and brownies and the food that Artpool will provide and ONE drink of wine, beer, soda or water! So it's definitely worth your while!!  I hope you will make it!
Remember*** show opens September 11th ** 7pm to Midnight!! See you there!!!