Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Wasbi peas

"Hot like wasbi when I bust rhymes, big like LeAnn Rimes... cause I'm all about value!"--BNL
I bought some wasbi covered peas with mixed nuts... they called it "Bar mix."  The mix would surely get you drinking... especially if you weren't prepared for the KICK.  It seems the longer you keep the peas in your mouth--the hotter it gets.  What I was really craving is the Harry and David fried peas.  I'm guessing they are fried.  And they are so tasty-in a weird, dry, addicting way.  

Tuesday, April 28, 2009

I was snooping around snopes and this is what I found... DDdddolakdfl;kjsdf

Don't worry it's okay for you and your baby to eat rocket fuel... and it won't give you cancer or anything else!!! 

CDC: Rocket fuel chemical found in baby formula

ATLANTA (AP) — Traces of a chemical used in rocket fuel were found in samples of powdered baby formula, and could exceed what's considered a safe dose for adults if mixed with water also contaminated with the ingredient, a government study has found.

The study by scientists at the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention looked for the chemical, perchlorate, in different brands of powdered baby formula. It was published last month, but the Environmental Working Group — a Washington, D.C.-based advocacy organization — issued a press release Thursday drawing attention to it.

The chemical has turned up in several cities' drinking water supplies. It can occur naturally, but most perchlorate contamination has been tied to defense and aerospace sites.

No tests have ever shown the chemical caused health problems, but scientists have said significant amounts of perchlorate can affect thyroid function. The thyroid helps set the body's metabolism. Thyroid problems can impact fetal and infant brain development.

However, the extent of the risk is hard to assess. The government requires that formula contain iodine, which counteracts perchlorate's effects. The size of the infant and how much formula they consume are other factors that can influence risk.

The U.S. Food and Drug Administration, aware of the debate over perchlorate in food and water, has not recommended that people alter their diet or eating habits because of the chemical.

The study itself sheds little light on how dangerous the perchlorate in baby formula is. "This wasn't a study of health effects," said Dr. Joshua Schier, one of the authors.

The largest amounts of the chemical were in formulas derived from cow's milk, the study said.

The researchers would not disclose the brands of formula they studied. Only a few samples were studied, so it's hard to know if the perchlorate levels would be found in all containers of those brands, a CDC spokesman said.

"This study provides no data on potential health effects of perchlorate. Health authorities continue to emphasize that infant formula is safe," said Haley Curtis Stevens of the International Formula Council, which represent formula manufacturers.

Earlier this year, the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency said it was considering setting new limits on the amount of perchlorate that would be acceptable in drinking water. A few states have already set their own limits.

The agency issued a statement Friday saying perchlorate exposure is a serious issue and "a top priority" for EPA Administrator Lisa Jackson. EPA officials expect to announce a decision soon about future steps in dealing with the chemical.

The EPA has checked nearly 4,000 public water supplies serving 10,000 people or more. About 160 of the water systems had detectable levels of perchlorate, and 31 had levels high enough to exceed a new safety level the EPA is considering.


Sunday, April 26, 2009

Here is some of my latest work.  I dropped it off at Cherie's today... for sale at Cherie's! The bottom piece is of a dream... in my dream I constructed this piece.  So it was like I saw myself working on this.  

I got to paint today. I needed it.  Ted and the kids went on an all day dig to excavate an ostrich skeleton.  I hear they had to dig 5 ft down to get all the bones.  They did this with our science group and Doug Scull.  I'm glad I didn't go... digging all day is probably not my idea of fun.  Nor do I like swimming in lakes.  (In college I got lake water in my mouth while swimming... and ended up in the ER with a really bad mouth infection...)

After spending the afternoon at the studio... I headed to Publix to do a little dinner shopping.  Lulu was raving about my lasagna so I felt I should make it today... plus some calories for my hard working crumbcakes would be a good idea.  In line... the lady in front of me was taking forever... it was her and two children--not her own.  When it came time to pay she didn't have her wallet.  She had the cheapest food in her bags and not that much of it.  She ran out to her car to get her wallet.  Meanwhile the man behind me was beginning to get really upset... So I talked him out of being angry.  He said he timed the trip between basketball games... (or was it half time?)  Anyway, I asked him if he had money on the game... he said no.  I said... it was only basketball that he was missing.  In the scheme of things is it really worth getting angry over?  I had him do some deep breathing... and said how great it was that he wasn't buying ice cream.  I guess for me it was more of a joke... and the time wasn't too big of a deal... cause hey, I was shopping without 3 crumbcakes.  He was still pretty irritated at this lady... but I reminded him that he didn't know this lady's circumstances.  
The funny thing is I'm usually the one who has no patience.  I'm the one getting angry at the stupidest little things.  After I checked out--yeah, I was swiping my card real fast--to not hold this guy up any more... He  thanked me for "talking him down."  As I went out to my car I saw the lady and the kids loading up their stuff and I heard her telling the kids that they could have their cheetos when they got back to CASA.  CASA is a women's shelter--for those battered and abused who are leaving the abusive partner... seeking refuge.  

Saturday, April 25, 2009

Wednesday, April 22, 2009


Today I rec'd my tiny box filled with inchies.  It was an inchie swap hosted by Josh Ronsen! The sea urchin painting is mine.
 I also finished my 5 paintings for the Arthouse Coop... the Canvas Project.  You can see my work HERE.


My first piece for the Artpool... mail art call and one of those DIana photos I told you about...
Bottom girl I'm sending to Hugo! 

Tuesday, April 21, 2009

I'm wii age of 27 right now...

This is the wii's gift to me for exercising after 55 days... At least it didn't punish me with 45.  So I'm a happy little camper... felt good to hula hoop again!  

Someone asked me today where my art has exhibited... and I totally drew a blank... I was like my mail art is all over the world... and yes, that's true... but I have exhibited and sold work at a few other places this year... what a "duh" moment.

Ted is driving back from Sunrise, FL with the Lu-minator. Can't wait to see my girl again... I had a good day with da boys... we homeschooled in the morn, had lunch and then ran some errands.  I mailed some mail art.  So Joe M. you should be getting some mail art from me... in the form of a puzzle... hopefully you'll get all the pieces.  Picked up 3 of the 7 pieces from the Artpool--the rest sold.  That was a very nice surprise! Then on to pick up Diana photos from the film developing place... they turned out alright.  I'll scan some tonight to share with ya'll. 
The rest of the afternoon I spent painting at the studio... the boys were with me playing scrabble and then Pokemon.  (which I guess is some sort of battle card game...) 

I can't wait until Ted gets home, put the crumbcakes to bed so we can watch last night's episode of 24... we are always a day late!  

Do you ever listen to This American Life? It's my favorite podcast currently!  It makes me laugh, it makes me cry... mostly cry.   I believe... 

The Artpool party Saturday night was fabulous by the way.  Ted and I met some people at Ceviche's downstairs... they ended up coming to the party with us.  (how funny is that??) There were lots of people and lots of art... and the Ceviche--sangria made me feel comfortable to be there... I also ran into Van--an old acquaintance from high school.  It's a small world ain't it?

Friday, April 17, 2009

ARTPOOL tomorrow night!

Hope ya'll are coming to the Artpool party... Saturday night... 8-12midnight.... April 18th.  Be there or be not there! But, really you should be there... 

Sunday, April 12, 2009

Oooh some new mail art by Jennifer Zoellner... to be mailed tomorrow!

Sunday, April 12, 2009

Tax day fast approaching... I'm wondering if Ted has done anything with our taxes... probably not.  So I'll bug him and remind him... and annoy him with the life that we must lead in this nation of taxes, due dates and responsibility.

Last night was fantab.  We went to the Beach Theater... the one theater on earth where you will not be bothered with hoodlums.  Ha.  Also no protesters or gang bangers looking at you with threatening eyes.  Fabulous.  We saw "TAKEN."  It was an edge of your seat flick and made me jump and squeal more than once... Which explains why when a friend grabbed me and said, "Jen!" I screamed and threw my hands in the air.  They were also at the movie... Thankfully it was no killer attempting to take me... ha.  Afterwords we went to Ceviche's--downstairs for live music.  Sylvia was playing again and we enjoyed her rocking heart singing cover tunes.  Then a Flamenco band came on.... It was jiving... and I danced to the beats... two ladies of color came up to tell me how much they liked my dancing.  That was so funny to me but I'm at that point in life where I am what I am... not afraid to hide the real me and the real me that likes to dance to the music... wowsers.

This morn I was awakened by my sister--on the tele--"GET HERE QUICK... LULU HURT HERSELF!"  The kids spent the night with the folks and well, Lulu got out of the bunk bed this morn on the wrong end... the end with the ceiling fan.  And she got clobbered across the forehead... and you and I both know what happens when you get cut in the forehead--Yes, blood everywhere.  So I was up and at um--heading up to my folks place to inspect the damage... Well, these things always look worse when your kid is covered in the velvety red juice... so mom had her hair washed and she looked good as new... minus the minor cut in her hair line.  Thankfully if she did scar--it would be covered by her hair... And it turns out that my youngest cookie crumb was going to be just fine!

CNN did a story on the sketch book project @ art house coop! I entered a sketch book into the show so I'm excited that the project is getting nationwide attention! 

Painted today... made some magnets... did some MAIL ART... thrilled about this new mail art some of it is really COOL... I'm going to send a few to myself--Chromatophore!  You should too.

Ok. Gonna go for now... 

Friday, April 10, 2009

ArtPool Show next Saturday night!

I entered 7 pieces into ArtPool's show opening next Saturday night... It should be a lot of fun!  These are two of the pieces.  

It was an exhausting week... Passover, and the start of the Days of Unleavened Bread--where we not only remove all the leavening from our home (yeast, baking soda/powder, etc) but we go a whole week without eating leavened products... so no bread, pizza, cookies, etc.  This pictures the removal of sin from our lives.  A little leaven leavens the whole lump!  The irony is that sin is everywhere just like leaven is everywhere--yeast spores in the air!  
This week I also met some really interesting people... two painters--Hugo and Marc and also an art buyer named Monique.  Monique is from Colorado and fell in love with my rag dolls--so much so that she bought almost all of them... So it has been an exciting week.  

Sunday, April 5, 2009

What's happening?

$ POR LA MAR zine #5 hits stores today! Ok... hits my etsy today! Order yours today! Exciting interviews with Rebecca Zapen and Joseph R. Tomlinson aka Yardape!  
$ Ben with the possum
$ One of my extra special rag dolls for sale at Cherie's in St. Petersburg
$ Rag doll mermaid painting again for sale at Cherie's
$ Lulu saying good bye to the little guy! 

Wednesday, April 1, 2009

April 1st 09

Today we said goodbye to the little opossum that we had for a week. He really grew on me.  I started out kind of afraid that he would bite me.  But by the end of our week.... I'm sad that he's gone.  He's moved on to another family who will get to care for him for a week or so.  He stopped hissing at us and even seemed to like us... the hissing was kind of gross.  Thankfully though he realized that we were the bringers of cat food, grapes, carrots, etc.  We also kept him safe and warm.  Ted named the little guy Diego.  Good bye our furry little friend!