Sunday, March 29, 2009

My bread art.

Sunday... cleaning out the hall closet.  
Going to pick up my organic wheat order.
Heading to a wedding later then that.
Spring break starts now I guess but it won't feel much like it with the Kid's Gifted projects and an additional two crumbcakes to fill my day.  Perhaps I should take Richard's advice and watch more T.V. 

Friday, March 27, 2009

What a glorious day!

Life on the home front... has been wonderful... I've been painting, making a special order rag doll... been nurturing a baby opossum.  We'll have Diego for a week.  And I finally got to make some mail art this week... hooray for mail art!! 

Sunday, March 22, 2009

part of my face is sunburned...

that's what cha get when you wear a hat and sunglasses... only part of your face gets sunburned.  I finally got done with scanning and posting all the latest mail art.  Triple ugh.  With the Internet giving me fits last week... didn't have time nor the ability to scan and post.  But, I'm back!  I'm so busy I could just forget to do everything.  Quadruple ugh! What shall I cut out first... ??? I'm frustrated--I haven't made mail art is WEEKS.  I'm becoming such a mail art loser.  And I get so much mail art everyday and I can't keep up!! Probably wouldn't be able to afford to mail something to everyone that I get something from... stamp costs these days... 

And now this whole doll thing going on at Cherie's... custom doll?? You want what?? Still, I'm trying to please everyone... even though I know I can't.  I guess I feel stressed.  Oh well... gonna hit the sack and hopefully feel like tackling the mountain o' things tomorrow! 

Oh, Dad caught a hammerhead shark!! 

Friday, March 20, 2009

The long and winding road...

This week has been a long one! I'm finally settling down to a minute of blogging... blogging sweet blogging... har! The roller coaster of life has finally come to a complete stop... well we all know that is not completely true unless you also no longer have a pulse.  But I did get a tremendous amount done this week that included... sightseeing with my Great Aunt visiting from WI, removing my art from the Art Center shop, having a dinner party for 30, having a couple of pieces of art in an art show (last night...), and going to a sewing/quilt making convention... It's been a full week.  Not to mention that my computer was on the fritz and I couldn't even read my email in a timely manner... not that anyone was really sending me much... just a few hundred a day--mostly silly non-sense junk.  I'm way behind in posting mail art too... but, I will do it probably Sunday.  And I'm excited to there are a lot of neat pieces in the pile.  

Friday, March 13, 2009

Friday is for Yard Sales

Wowsers... had a lovely day hitting a few yardsales... my neatest find today was some 1940-1950 travel magazines... deliciously funny.  There was an article about Mexico with a special highlight on artist Diego Rivera... you know Frida Kahlo's husband!  No Frida in the pics and I  haven't read the article yet.  Still, I'm excited... also some great ads for St. Petersburg, FL! And an article about the everglades.  Most of these magazines will be used for mail art... Can't wait to get started!

Other fun finds... a pair of shoes for 50 cents, some vintage fabric, a record player and some really cool records too, some tiny dolls, a mermaid doll like the one I had as a child!  And a accordion players union pin and a pin from the USSR space program... (possibly worth something?)

I also managed to clean out the car today--with the help of the guy and gal demonstrating their carpet washer... KIRBY.  I gave them $20... orange juice and a beer... and they detailed my car.  And no, I didn't buy the KIRBY at over 2 grand! Ouch! Oh, I also gave them chocolate chip cookies... homemade....


Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Open Wall NIght at Studio 620

Tampa Bay Creative Network Presents: Open Wall Night

Thursday March 19, 2009/ 6:00 - 9:00 pm 

Tampa Bay Creative Network presents Open Wall Night, a fundriaser for
Ready for Life, a community organization that helps foster youth
leaving state care. Work by all local artists will be displayed along
with live music. For more information click here
Admission is free.

I've signed up to have a piece at this show.  If you so feel inclined... come on out! Thanks!

Sunday, March 8, 2009

the Barenaked Ladies are mine

It was a great day for a Barenaked Ladies concert.  We met some die-hard ladies fans and had a wonderful time hanging with them.  I waited 16 years to see BNL in concert and I finally made it last night.  I would of liked to have seen them with Steven Page tho.  Last night was the first night with only 4 band members... They did a wonderful job singing all the songs that I so dearly love.  When the band was practicing before the show... my sis and I snuck into an area that wasn't opened yet... although it didn't feel like sneaking cause the gate was wide open.  So we were standing watching the guys do a trial run, mic test and all... sis gave a big wave and I blew kisses and Ed waved to us! So that was really sweet... ha! Yes, I'm feeling all of 14 again... (but, back then I think my main crush was Johnny Depp and Robert Redford...)  Anywho... lovely night... I'm so exhausted today... 

Friday, March 6, 2009

2 crumbcakes, 1 mom, 3 cameras and a sunny chilly morning...

We went for a walk around our beloved city of St. Petersburg.  Here are some of my photos from the morning... Enjoy.  Or dislike... your choice! 

Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Peanut butter and red cabbage

Tonight for a snack I had peanut butter and red cabbage.  I think it is a smashingly delicious snack... Red cabbage is the most beautiful color.  It has a plasticy-rubbery feel and then the crunchy peanut butter.... yumolicious.  Try it, you may like it.  My mom used to make it for us when we were wee little ones.  And I got this head of red cabbage from the organic food co-op... so I just had to try it again.  Not sure if I can talk the crumbcakes into eating it... that's okay--more for me. 

I made a new rag dolly... she's the large one in the center... I named her Kate after Kate in LOST. Of course she looks nothing like that Kate... She's waiting for a new home.  You can adopt her at Cherie's in St. Petersburg, FL.  lol. 

Mail art from David Berube!

Something a little fiesty about these two... 

Monday, March 2, 2009

Sunday, March 1, 2009

Is my head meant to spin in a counter clockwise fashion?

Wowsers such a busy weekend.  I'm exhausted even after my afternoon nap! Top photos are of my art, cards, jewelry, rag dolls at Cherie's in downtown St. Petersburg... Then the next set of photos are of me and the crumbcakes in the new art studio.  Then we move on to the Coliseum where Ted and I went to a Big Band dance fest last night.  It was fun but we had to leave to go out to eat at Ceviches... there was a two hour wait but we found two seats at the bar and enjoyed our meal and sangria in the company of strangers.  Just as well. I do enjoy people watching.  And I don't mind watching people do shots of Patrone.  (sp?)  My favorite thing to eat at Ceviches is a salad with smoked duck... there is also figs, artichoke, lettuce, pears and some other white spidery like vege that I don't know what it is... it was too dreamy and I savored every bite.  We headed downstairs--for the live music and enjoyed a gal named Silvia Wakte.  She plays--Wed, Fri and Sat nights.  It's her, her guitar and a drummer.  She is a cover band but, I'm guessing she has more to offer... like her own songs... perhaps she'll be singing them real soon.  This is just a hunch on my part. 

Britt and Cherie of Cherie's came by my art studio today.  They picked out 5 paintings to put in their shop.  I was thrilled and it makes me nervous too.  Sometimes I feel like I'm being swallowed whole by a giant sea monster.  Yes, it seems like a very exciting way to go... if you have to die anyway.  Seriously I feel this pressure now that I didn't have when I was just filling my house with paintings.  My house is practically bare now.  Actually, there are still a ton of pieces up... just the most personal.  All of my art is pretty personal.  Me, it's what i know best. And that has worked for many a female artist.  I would just like to break on through to the side of real art... mostly a man's world.  

Dinner is almost done... I made stuffed peppers.  This will be one of those meals where the kids look at it and almost cry... ha. They probably won't really mind it once they try it... sometimes working yourself up to the try is the hardest part.