Friday, October 31, 2008

Superman ice cream

Why do the kids always want "superman" ice cream. It's bright blue, red, and yellow and makes them mostly blue all over. I'm not a fan of food coloring. Yet I hate to always be the stick in the mud. And when it's just me and the kids... I don't let them order that. But, hubster Ted does. I grin and bear it and hope Lulu doesn't drip on her new Oilily shirt. (It might possibly be the last Oilily shirt I buy her--at least new--it was on deep clearance for $15 this summer... I think that was 80 % off) Normal ice cream doesn't stain so bad.

Today we went to MOSI where... we got a dose of HEALTH class. We covered quite a lot in the "Amazing You." We saw a couple of births, some fertilization, a preemie baby that actually looked like it was breathing and the heart was beating--it was doll of course, dna, rna, stds, effects of drugs, smoking, alcohol, improper nutrition on the unborn, hearing test, eye test, how the brain works, why not to have sex... really it was quite overwhelming. I wasn't sure if I was comfy with wanting the kids to see a baby crowning... but then I thought the more honest and open we can be about natural human events--the better. Living and dying... shall we fear them?
If you don't want to see the birth videos--normal, c-section, twins, the placenta, etc... you don't have to go into the little side room and push the play button. So it's not in your face... so to speak. One of my favorite parts was how babies have those windows of learning--and once they close they are GONE FOREVER. That's how the brain works--it told viewers (readers) that every hug or holding counts--every experience you give to a baby or child COUNTS. Also learned that many brain doors are closed around age 10. So the key ages are 1, 3, 10. I find that utterly amazing. The amazing you! When Tommy was a baby we lived in Little Rock. We lived downtown near the zoo. I took him to the zoo once a week until he was 18 months old and we moved to FL . We read him the same book every night--for the first year of his life... (Miss Spider's Tea Party--David Kirk, a counting book). Perhaps I should of been reading him Calculus... but it's amazing what you can do if you try--with your children. I've always believed that children understand everything from a VERY early age. They might not remember it but they know what's going on. This is opposite of what some people think-," they are kids, what do they know?" I guess I've felt this way because I have memories of being a small child and I remember how I felt at the time. Hubster and I have raised our kids--thus far--with the idea that experiences are key to brain development. So it's thrilling to go to MOSI and have that idea backed up with scientific data. So unplug that wii, tv, puter or whatever electrical device that is consuming your time... (I should talk, eh?) Get outside and DO something!

Have a happy weekend!

Thursday, October 30, 2008

I designed a stamp for the mail art show! If you are really special you'll get one in your mail box... when I receive them! HOW FUN is that? These stamps are real U.S. Postage. Of course I can make an artistamp myself... but haven't figured out how to perf the edges... to my liking!

Monday, October 27, 2008

TEST TOWER strikes again!!

Lest i forget the A side to the B side. 1313

Saturday, October 25, 2008

Ko De Jonge's Reply!

Here is the reply that I received from Ko De Jonge about the mini art book that I painted.

Some Neat Mail art that I rec'd!

Here is some neat mail art that I have recently received. I did start a new blog to chronicle the mail art I receive for the new mail art show. You can see it all @ . So check it out and mail a piece of art for the next show!

Top piece is by Adamandia Kapsalis, Then two "bugs" by David Berube and then a piece by Test Tower!! I thought that I'd post them so you could enjoy them too!!!!

Some Panama City Beach Memories!

Ted and I, my folks, Jimmy Buffet's Margaritaville... Happy Feast of Tabernacles one and all!

Friday, October 24, 2008

hello friends!

hello! I've been gone for a couple of weeks and glad to be back. Although I loved Panama City Beach, FL. Thank you for all the mail art I rec'd while I was gone! I will be scanning and posting. I think I'm going to start a new blog that will directly tie into the new mail art show for 2009. That way I can post the address, theme, and all the mail art I recieve and still have this site for all the nonsense that I call life. I'll write more later... busy, busy, busy.

Tuesday, October 7, 2008

HATE THAT CAT by Sharon Creech

Love the book HATE THAT CAT,
Oh, yes, I love the book HATE THAT CAT,
Love to read it to the crumbcakes,
Love to see their eyes as they sat,
Listening to HATE THAT CAT...


Yes, I began to cry twice in the book... while I'm trying to read aloud. I'm a mess. It was page 108 and then again... page 122-125. I didn't let any tears roll, they welled up... were suppressed, the voice got little crackly... pushed through. Buy this book, read it with your kids or to them... it's the kind of book that later they'll remember and hopefully be thankful that you shared with them. If you haven't read... LOVE THAT DOG. You have to read it first. HAVE TO. It'll all make much more sense that way.

Also Sharon Creech has a lovely picture book called, "Fishing in the Air." Another feel good -sharing--book. Share a moment with your child.

Monday, October 6, 2008

ART START... a mini book to be mailed back to Ko De Jonge of Holland

I finished my mini art book. Tomorrow I shall mail it to Art Start in Holland. It was a fun project and I hope it is well rec'd upon it's arrival.

Hate That Cat

I started reading the book, "HATE THAT CAT" by Sharon Creech to the crumbcakes tonight. Saturday night Ben and I were in the Barnes and Noble... and there it was in a red dust jacket just waiting to be bought by me. I loved the book, "Love that dog." Really, could anything top it? I cried like a baby while reading it. I'm a sucker for crying books... Where the Red Fern grows, The Scarlet Ibis by James Hurst, For Whom the Bell Tolls by Hemingway, the Grapes of Wrath by Steinbeck, The Miraculous Journey of Edward Tulane by Kate DiCamillo... there were times when I was reading to my kids where I could barely get the words out I was crying so hard. Especially when I read==The Scarlet Ibis to them last year. I'm sure my boys were pretty freaked out. I can be so full of emotions. I can say that Tommy cried at Where the Red Fern Grows... how can you not?

I read half of HATE THAT CAT tonight and have to say that for a sequel-- it is good. I'll let you know the full report when we're done...

There are so many things that I wish I could be good at... I was thinking about words and authors and how horrible I am at writing. Still blogging though. It's all an attempt to express those emotions inside of me. I am who I am, I do what I do. None of it is fantastic but yet, it's all mine. In a perfect world I would paint every day, I would know how to write a poem--the words would come to me, and I would be fabulous--at least at one thing.



Thursday, October 2, 2008

octopus video take deux

Here is another octopus video. I should of done the other video this way... I'm learning.

Science class fun!

Awake at 4 AM

I was awoken by a random nightmare. I dreamed I was going shopping with 3 car loads of friends and family. But then one friend got in a fight with another and then... it was a brawl. Sickening...not so terribly disturbing that I need to loose sleep over it. UGH.

It reminded me of an event that happened when I was in elementary school. Even before the dream I was reminded of this event when I rec'd the first installment of the mail art zine from Tt. I was walking home from the bus stop when the blonde-5th-grade-bully started picking on Todd... resident nerd and irritant. She took his glasses right off of his face, broke them in two and threw them into the woods. I think I retrieved them...anyway--Jennifer--defender of the defenseless--knew that braking someones prescription glasses was not cool. My sister wears glasses and I knew how upset parents get when glasses go missing or are broken. So I took on the blond 5th grader and told her that I was going to tell on her... It ended rather badly with my holly hobbie lunch box thrown across the asphalt and then she pushed me down on my face. She scarred the metal lunch box and my chin had a lovely bloody scrape. It turns out that I had my school class picture the next day. I had a giant red scab on my chin. I remember my dad going into the school the next day to take up the whole bully issue--my chin, Todd's glasses. I don't think Todd ever thanked me--but he was an annoying little boy. And the bully girl... don't know what happened to her. She lived in the trailer park near my neighborhood. I imagine, looking back on things... she probably was treated the way that she treated everyone else. And me, I'm fine. Still bummed about the lunch box. (Really, bought one just like it on ebay a few years ago... it houses all my cookie decorating supplies.)