Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Thank you everyone!

Thank you everyone who came out to the Trinkets from Heaven art show opening! 

Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Trinkets from Heaven and other misunderstandings...

This Saturday night will be the opening of Trinkets from Heaven and other misunderstandings which is a collection of work that I have spent the last three months making.  There will be a great variety of pieces from $5 to $1500.  There are many $10 items.  I want to make my work accessible to anyone that cares to own a piece.  I call it--Art for the Masses.  Most of it was made from recycled items or things that I already had in my studio home.  There are 237 pieces for sale! 
I hope people realize that investing in each other, in handmade, in local businesses is a really good way to keep St. Petersburg a destination art city!  

The event is free! After you stop by the Morean please walk down to the 600 Block of Central Avenue to see the other shows and galleries that will be open.  I also have work at Art On! Central and the Artpool Gallery.  Artpool will be having a big art and fashion show that night!  

So....This Saturday night...

GALLERY WALK... 12-11-10
Morean Arts Center
719 Central Avenue
St. Petersburg, FL 33701

I would like to say a special Thank you to the Morean for inviting me to show in this gallery space.  I would also like to thank Truman Bentley Jr. for supplying me with many handmade canvases.  Local artist, Frank Strunk III, really helped me out by--not only letting me use his wood working tools, but also gave me some pointers.  Thank you Frank for your time and helping hand!  And lastly, thank you to my crumbcakes for your love and support and being my constant inspiration.