Friday, May 7, 2010

Sing with all your might

My middle crumbcake, crumbcake #2, B-man... sings as loud as he can at church. It is the most beautiful thing that I hear every Sabbath. His cousins and brother look at him funny and sometimes they laugh. Sometimes I laugh. To hear a person who sings with all their might can make you feel uncomfortable. It is such an honest gesture that it makes you blush or giggle with nervousness. And out of this feeling I have cracked a smile. A few weeks ago I leaned over to my father and said, "I wonder if anyone ever discouraged Bob Dylan from singing?" And Dad knew just what I meant as crumbcake #2 has a hint of Dylan in the sound of his voice. I know someone is expecting me to tell him to, "tone it down." But, I won't. No way. How long before the world tells him to conform... to quiet the enthusiasm? It's best to let him sing it loud for as long as possible. And he makes me sing my loudest too. After all we are singing to praise God... not to please men.

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dberube-art said...

Sing On Brother!!!!!!!!!!!
Brandon still sings as loud as possible, where ever and when ever he wants. I would neveer do it, and i would never dicourage it either.

Speaking of Dylan, there's a documentary on Johnny Cash, can't remember which one, and this young guy shows up in Cash's dressing room with a guitar and harmonica and says that he would love to play a song for Cash. It only took a quick second to realize that it was a 18/19 y.o. Dylan.

Cash was so impressed with him.

Sing On!!!!