Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Tra'shion Fashion 2010

Every month Artpool Gallery on first Avenue North... puts on a snazzy razzie art party. Marina Williams is the owner and orchestrator of these mind blowing events. If you come to m & m or just come to be a fly on the wall... you will have a great time! This past Saturday night was a huge night for Artpool with their Tra'shion fashion show. Area clothes designers put their greenness and recycling brains to work making fashion out of trash... or discarded goods. Fashion was the main event but there were so many other things going on... it's hard to even describe it all. You could have your face painted, you could watch artists demonstrating their painting techniques on canvas, inside was the bar and an art show on the walls as well as a huge selection of vintage items and clothing for sale. And that's not all...you really have to come out and see it to believe it! Join the hippest party in town at the Artpool. For more information on how to show your art at the Artpool or to get the schedule of the next art party please visit the Artpool Website!

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