Sunday, July 27, 2008

Going fishing

One of my passions is fishing.  I started learning about 2 years ago when a friend asked us to go out on his boat for my birthday.  I don't think we actually fished on that trip--had a picnic dinner at Shell Key and my husband brought birthday cupcakes.  Still, it made me want to be on the sea.  Another trip ensued and fishing was the main activity.  I was hooked.  It was a mix of having a challenge and being one with nature.  I also liked being with the boys.  I admit it--I prefer being with a group of guys rather than the gals.  I'm one of those girls--whatever that means... So two years later and several books later, including, "Fishing for Dummies," we are out to embark in my dad's new used boat for our first fishing trip maiden voyage.  It should be exciting to say the least... since our first maiden voyage ended in being stuck out in the channel for an hour or so before a kind family towed us into shore.  We had water in the gasoline tank.  So what problem will we have today??? Hopefully none!  

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