Monday, May 11, 2009

May 11, 2009

I really don't ever improperly address a piece of mail art... I don't like to make enemies with the postal staff... but yet, I felt an urge to address this piece as such... and stamps as so.  We'll see if it gets there... really not far to go... just a little human reading.

Yesterday we went and saw the new Star Trek... I must say that I loved it.  Wow, a movie without an agenda, and not based on some horrible past atrocity... a movie to just "escape".  Thank you hollywood.  You probably won't see me writing that again any time soon... 

I've been so busy with art, art and mail art.  Save the date--Chromatophore opens August 27th at Studio 620.  Be there or not but really you should try to be there.  I'm so excited!!! 

School year is winding down.  Almost over... my reign of homeschool is almost over too.  Next year I'm sending the crumbcakes back to school.  So this will not longer be Wee-Hoo's looking glass: life of a homeschool artist mom... it may be more like... Wee-Hoo: life an artist.  Ok, mom too... 

Hey if you are interested in some new music check out Joel Malizia on itunes.  I like his music and you should too!  

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