Wednesday, September 9, 2009


I'm still in a real yucky place. We are still not on track with school... we are still drowning in class changes, random papers, homework shoved into a locker, dreams of golf teams and utter failures making the headlines. Triple ugh. Tomorrow I'm leaving for NYC. I had a fever this afternoon of 99 and started to get that body ache... Ted brought me home some "airborne," and I did some homeopathic stuff... and I think... I'm okay... No one wants to be sick while traveling... Still I'm hoping that I will leave for 3 days and come home to the perfect life... can you arrange that for me?

I just feel behind in everything and like I can't catch up and in the meantime I'm being asked to do more. It seems never ending. Don't know what exactly I can even do about it. Who sped up the clock... it's spinning out of control. Tomorrow I'm going to wake up and have a beard down to my toes... and won't know anything around me... oh, wait that's someone else's story...

And to make matters worse the vacuum cleaner is broke. I can't even do my homemaking duties.

On a happy note... here I am with the oil painting I entered into the Art's Center's democratic show. I went to the opening last friday and had a grand time. The crumbcakes really enjoyed taking part in the demonstrations. I enjoyed meeting and talking with a variety of people. Ted never made it to the show... too busy with that little thing called work. And the beat goes on...

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