Tuesday, September 1, 2009

A Book About... Death

I'm excited to go to NYC for the Book About Death Show. I'm going to share a place with Ginny Lloyd--aka GIna Lotta Post. So the Queen of artistamps will be staying with the princess of mail art. Har har.

My head is spinning with my oldest crumbcake going to middle school... he's so disorganized and the teachers just assume that he can remember anything... he's lost at sea... and we missed the open house last night. Ted swears that when they woke him up Saturday with the automated telephone call that it said his open house was tonight... nope, it was last night--we missed it--and we totally screwed our son out of any hope of catching up and getting organized. I'm ready to spit nails... oh yeah, already did that last night. It makes me despise all things school and all things little boy and all things husband. The sheer lack of any organized thought amongst them drives me nuts. Why does mom have to figure every darn thing out?? Why does mom have to solve all the problems. Homeschool was so much easier... and a lot less wasted time.


When I go to NY I may just never come back. You all understand don't you?

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