Wednesday, October 28, 2009

And life happens again.

Sitting here alone as is my custom most week nights.
It's lonely to be alone.
I'm in a funk.
The painting has been emotionally difficult to work on but I've been putting a lot of hours into it. It's 85% done. I have a conference with a teacher tomorrow... I have a quilt I have to finish... I have mail art that needs to be sent...
I am so disorganized right now. I'm about to bring the trash can up to the front door and start pitching all the stuff we don't need into it. Any good stuff I'm putting on the curb. Right now there is a nice bag of clothes out there... if you're in my neck of the woods. if no one takes it... I'll head it to the good will.
I'm resorting to this--talking to myself.
Someone told me that they enjoy seeing the sunrise... so I'm posting a pic of the sunrise two mornings ago. Enjoy.

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