Tuesday, February 2, 2010

24 Hour Zine... and South Fluxus was borned January 27th 2010

Artist and Mail Artist... Brent Leopold... sent me a blank magazine with instructions to fill it up and add and pass it to Keith Buchholz, Fluxus St. Louis. So originally the zine was meant to be an add and pass... but, Last week I began making collages and got a good way through it when I thought... I should ask for submissions! I got on facebook and asked people to send me a piece of art, photo or poetry to add to the zine. I got about 10 responses in 3 hours. I added their works to my work and a zine was born. So the whole thing was put together in 24 hours. I named her "South Fluxus" and "SO FU" for short... the theme for this edition was: NOW... I like how fast it came together... and how I photocopied it Friday and mailed on following Monday. Only 14 copies were made. They were given to the willing participants. One copy is currently for sale on ebay. The original went to Keith in St. Louis. Thank you to those who submitted something:
Lancillotto Bellini
Jason Berlin
Maya Van Jeier
Robert Chrysler
Ross Priddle
Daniel C. Boyer
Allan Revich
Gordon Charlton
Brent Leopold
Rain Rien Nevermind
Richard Canard (on Rain's collage piece)

I hope to do this again... I really enjoyed the process.


clochart said...

Jennifer I saw your zine at Lancillotto Belliny Recycling Art Blog (dododada).... Thank you for sending a piece of yourself! that artpiece drag me deeply into myself-yourself....♥ linda pelati

Robert Nowhere said...

it's a beaut, Jennifer...and i think once i get back working, i will start getting into zine-making again...self-publishing on the web is very cool...but so are zines

WEE-HOO said...

Thank you both!