Sunday, March 21, 2010

And the collage goes on!

Tommy's drawing on top
A box piece I did Friday...something about Treasure and sour grapes.
Tommy's 3-d piece he did Thursday night
and a bunch of people who were at a Morean collage party last night!

Last night I was talking with a gal who said she wouldn't go to an Artpool event cause you have to pay to get in. Ironically, you had to pay to be at this collage party/beer tasting event and have to pay to see almost all the shows that the Art Center displays. So for the price of a movie and a snack you can go to a fabulous art party at the Artpool. And if you want to just see the art on a different day--that is FREE. So I think Artpool has more free art than the Morean... I'm just saying. You do the math.

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