Sunday, March 14, 2010

the Morean community collage project...

Friday was rainy, overcast and humid. Tommy and I headed over to the Morean Art Center to help Jorge Vidal install/set up the collage gallery. It will be a two week community event. I was somewhat shocked when Jorge told me to, "go to it" and I began putting things up on the walls. I was only laying a foundation for the masses to come and do what they pleased to it. So really... a rather meaningless job--and it's no wonder that he couldn't get some other local schlub to do it. But I believe in the idea of community art. And I believe in the idea that anyone can make art. I also just like being with people and creating something at the same time. Here are some pictures of the gallery at the end of the day... Tommy worked hard with Jorge stringing the yarn around the two poles. It was a tiresome day but at the end--I felt really good--like I lived in the moment. And that's all it was a moment in time.

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