Monday, July 13, 2009

ARTPOOL:TRA'shion Fashion photos

I wore a magenta wig... I think it helped me pretend to be someone else so that I had the nerve to walk down a runway with people watching... It wasn't nearly as bad as I thought it was going to be.  I think the wig and the sunglasses helped me play a part instead of feeling insecure as me.  I was the fashion clown of the evening!  And I didn't really mind that... cause really clothes... fashion... it's all a joke isn't it?  I mean if you're covered and warm... isn't that enough?  I know... it's not.  And clothing is one of those areas where people are constantly judging you.  And I love to look nice so I get it... I get it. So for the fashion show I had four male models wearing my one-of-a-kind ties and I also wore a hand made dress, tie and two purses that I saved from the GW boutique and painted them... There were 30 designers in the fashion show and they were fabulous!  Lots of neat ideas some were pieces of art and others were useable.  Clothes made out of every material imaginable... from metal to plastic, cardboard, newspaper, and even FABRIC!  It was a fun evening.  

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Rebecca said...

you go girl!
rockin that magenta wig!