Wednesday, July 22, 2009

I'm against socialized medicine

I was listening to This American Life podcast yesterday from Chicago Public Radio... and the episode I was listening to was about fear of going to sleep. They interviewed a family living in PUBLIC HOUSING that had soo many roaches that they repeatedly had to go to the ER to have them removed from their ears. They were afraid to sleep at night because they knew the critters would be on the move and moving around on them. The interesting thing was that they had gotten used to living like this and since the neighborhood did not have gang violence they were going to stay there.

Health care... just think of that roach infested government housing... there is no need for the landlord to give superior service to tenants because he is being paid by the government either way... At least with capitalism you get better quality or you MOVE ON. Who, in their right mind, would pay a monthly rent fee and live infested with roaches? Not only did this family have roaches in their ears but every drawer was a scurry and every "roach trap" was FULL of them. But in their minds they stayed because life could be worse... So when government takes over health care there will be no more need to save lives or even give adequate health care. Doctors will be paid either way. In fact it will be better for the government if you die--one less patient to worry about. You will just get used to mediocracy or even worse. So government can't supply adequate housing to poor people... how do you think they are going to supply superior medical care to a nation? Prepare to be infested.

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