Monday, July 6, 2009

June 6th, 2009

Listening to This American Life.  It's my favorite podcast.  You can find it on itunes.  If you want to... 

I'm tired... it's hot. I should go to bed and not force out a blog.  But, here i am... sitting here with a couple of minutes by myself so maybe I can eek out a couple of words.  And really I owe Test an email so I should be doing that... but I'm already here... on blogspot... cause I just uploaded several mail art pieces... so here i am. 

Sometimes it feels like there is so much to say but I just can't begin.  

Ahh... Saturday night--TRA'Shion Fashion show at Artpool... it's going to be fabulous... I'm walking the runway folks.  Can you imagine that?  I designed some recycled ties... really started off doing it for a church dance that had the theme of ties and blue jeans... and now is ending in a fashion show... I'll be wearing a dress that I made... a couple of purses that I painted and a tie that I made.  I'll have some guy models wearing the rest of the ties! Can you imagine that?  Pics will be coming later... after the show... should be very interesting.  Marina Williams the founder and owner of Artpool is also an EXCELLENT photographer.  We did a photoshoot yesterday.  It was so much fun and she made me feel real pretty.  So buy your tickets now... it's going to be a full house!! 

Last week we incubated another 4 chicks... hoping they will be hens and not roosters.  The other two are still too young to tell.  At least for a novice like me! There is a photo of them--3 darkies and one blondie.  We thought the blonde one wasn't going to make it because she seemed so weak but she has perked up! 

Pic of me on the imac... Then 2 pieces of sent mail art. 

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