Monday, November 16, 2009

My mail box runneth over...

I really can't begin to tell you about the neat things that have been delivered to my home in the past week or so... Today, for example, I received my first Fluxbox in the mail. Crumbcake #3 took a video of me opening it. She did a pretty good job and I'm uploading it to Youtube right now! Keith Buchholz sent me my first fluxbox! You never forget your first fluxbox. I don't think I will.

Last Friday I rec'd a small package in the mail from Bill Evertson. I met Bill in the mail last year... you might remember he made that fantastic mailart piece for chromatophore--the copper mesh envelope? This package contained a hand made stamp... with an octopus on it! It's simply amazing! The neat part is that it was totally unexpected! Thank you so much Bill for thinking of me!

I got a deck of cards in the mail from Artchix studio. They sell all sorts of cute things to make artist trading cards or whatever your crafty heart desires. My ATC from about a year ago, I think... is on one of the cards so they sent me a free deck! I'm the Ace of clubs...

I received a giant tube in the mail too of recent times. It was filled with x-tra large photocopies of Henry Darger's art. This was from Rain Rien Nevermind. We had been conversing about Darger on facebook... one thing led to another and I got a nice package in the mail... I painted over the Darger image and added my own words and mailed a piece back to Rain. I'm guessing its not what he had in mind. I often don't play the game correctly... Photo is of what I sent!

Today I also received a little gift of some special treats from Good Mail Day. Good Mail Day is a wonderful book written by Jennie Hinchcliff and Carolee Gilligan Wheeler. I was a participant in the book... they used a piece of my mail art in it so they sent a little thank you package... it included: the patch that is pictured here... one of a hundred--a limited supply, a zine about making the book and other official book documents. Very classy ladies! Thank you!

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the ice chewer said...

Wow. So many surprises!
I got introduced to mail art through my Artist friend David Berube. And I love how your community is building around traditional mail. There is some magic in receiving and giving something that is not in pixels.