Tuesday, October 7, 2008

HATE THAT CAT by Sharon Creech

Love the book HATE THAT CAT,
Oh, yes, I love the book HATE THAT CAT,
Love to read it to the crumbcakes,
Love to see their eyes as they sat,
Listening to HATE THAT CAT...


Yes, I began to cry twice in the book... while I'm trying to read aloud. I'm a mess. It was page 108 and then again... page 122-125. I didn't let any tears roll, they welled up... were suppressed, the voice got little crackly... pushed through. Buy this book, read it with your kids or to them... it's the kind of book that later they'll remember and hopefully be thankful that you shared with them. If you haven't read... LOVE THAT DOG. You have to read it first. HAVE TO. It'll all make much more sense that way.

Also Sharon Creech has a lovely picture book called, "Fishing in the Air." Another feel good -sharing--book. Share a moment with your child.

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