Friday, October 31, 2008

Superman ice cream

Why do the kids always want "superman" ice cream. It's bright blue, red, and yellow and makes them mostly blue all over. I'm not a fan of food coloring. Yet I hate to always be the stick in the mud. And when it's just me and the kids... I don't let them order that. But, hubster Ted does. I grin and bear it and hope Lulu doesn't drip on her new Oilily shirt. (It might possibly be the last Oilily shirt I buy her--at least new--it was on deep clearance for $15 this summer... I think that was 80 % off) Normal ice cream doesn't stain so bad.

Today we went to MOSI where... we got a dose of HEALTH class. We covered quite a lot in the "Amazing You." We saw a couple of births, some fertilization, a preemie baby that actually looked like it was breathing and the heart was beating--it was doll of course, dna, rna, stds, effects of drugs, smoking, alcohol, improper nutrition on the unborn, hearing test, eye test, how the brain works, why not to have sex... really it was quite overwhelming. I wasn't sure if I was comfy with wanting the kids to see a baby crowning... but then I thought the more honest and open we can be about natural human events--the better. Living and dying... shall we fear them?
If you don't want to see the birth videos--normal, c-section, twins, the placenta, etc... you don't have to go into the little side room and push the play button. So it's not in your face... so to speak. One of my favorite parts was how babies have those windows of learning--and once they close they are GONE FOREVER. That's how the brain works--it told viewers (readers) that every hug or holding counts--every experience you give to a baby or child COUNTS. Also learned that many brain doors are closed around age 10. So the key ages are 1, 3, 10. I find that utterly amazing. The amazing you! When Tommy was a baby we lived in Little Rock. We lived downtown near the zoo. I took him to the zoo once a week until he was 18 months old and we moved to FL . We read him the same book every night--for the first year of his life... (Miss Spider's Tea Party--David Kirk, a counting book). Perhaps I should of been reading him Calculus... but it's amazing what you can do if you try--with your children. I've always believed that children understand everything from a VERY early age. They might not remember it but they know what's going on. This is opposite of what some people think-," they are kids, what do they know?" I guess I've felt this way because I have memories of being a small child and I remember how I felt at the time. Hubster and I have raised our kids--thus far--with the idea that experiences are key to brain development. So it's thrilling to go to MOSI and have that idea backed up with scientific data. So unplug that wii, tv, puter or whatever electrical device that is consuming your time... (I should talk, eh?) Get outside and DO something!

Have a happy weekend!

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