Thursday, October 2, 2008

Awake at 4 AM

I was awoken by a random nightmare. I dreamed I was going shopping with 3 car loads of friends and family. But then one friend got in a fight with another and then... it was a brawl. Sickening...not so terribly disturbing that I need to loose sleep over it. UGH.

It reminded me of an event that happened when I was in elementary school. Even before the dream I was reminded of this event when I rec'd the first installment of the mail art zine from Tt. I was walking home from the bus stop when the blonde-5th-grade-bully started picking on Todd... resident nerd and irritant. She took his glasses right off of his face, broke them in two and threw them into the woods. I think I retrieved them...anyway--Jennifer--defender of the defenseless--knew that braking someones prescription glasses was not cool. My sister wears glasses and I knew how upset parents get when glasses go missing or are broken. So I took on the blond 5th grader and told her that I was going to tell on her... It ended rather badly with my holly hobbie lunch box thrown across the asphalt and then she pushed me down on my face. She scarred the metal lunch box and my chin had a lovely bloody scrape. It turns out that I had my school class picture the next day. I had a giant red scab on my chin. I remember my dad going into the school the next day to take up the whole bully issue--my chin, Todd's glasses. I don't think Todd ever thanked me--but he was an annoying little boy. And the bully girl... don't know what happened to her. She lived in the trailer park near my neighborhood. I imagine, looking back on things... she probably was treated the way that she treated everyone else. And me, I'm fine. Still bummed about the lunch box. (Really, bought one just like it on ebay a few years ago... it houses all my cookie decorating supplies.)


dada said...
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dada said...

Prescription glasses $120.00
Holly Hobbie lunchbox $15.00
Heroic scab on the chin Priceless

WEE-HOO said...

yes, priceless...
gonna have to find that class pic just for kicks!!