Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Wasbi peas

"Hot like wasbi when I bust rhymes, big like LeAnn Rimes... cause I'm all about value!"--BNL
I bought some wasbi covered peas with mixed nuts... they called it "Bar mix."  The mix would surely get you drinking... especially if you weren't prepared for the KICK.  It seems the longer you keep the peas in your mouth--the hotter it gets.  What I was really craving is the Harry and David fried peas.  I'm guessing they are fried.  And they are so tasty-in a weird, dry, addicting way.  

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dberube-art said...

I LOVE wasabi peas. And the funny thing it, so does my dog. Crazy animal, we limit the amt. he gets of course. But as soon as you open the bag, there he it.