Tuesday, April 21, 2009

I'm wii age of 27 right now...

This is the wii's gift to me for exercising after 55 days... At least it didn't punish me with 45.  So I'm a happy little camper... felt good to hula hoop again!  

Someone asked me today where my art has exhibited... and I totally drew a blank... I was like my mail art is all over the world... and yes, that's true... but I have exhibited and sold work at a few other places this year... what a "duh" moment.

Ted is driving back from Sunrise, FL with the Lu-minator. Can't wait to see my girl again... I had a good day with da boys... we homeschooled in the morn, had lunch and then ran some errands.  I mailed some mail art.  So Joe M. you should be getting some mail art from me... in the form of a puzzle... hopefully you'll get all the pieces.  Picked up 3 of the 7 pieces from the Artpool--the rest sold.  That was a very nice surprise! Then on to pick up Diana photos from the film developing place... they turned out alright.  I'll scan some tonight to share with ya'll. 
The rest of the afternoon I spent painting at the studio... the boys were with me playing scrabble and then Pokemon.  (which I guess is some sort of battle card game...) 

I can't wait until Ted gets home, put the crumbcakes to bed so we can watch last night's episode of 24... we are always a day late!  

Do you ever listen to This American Life? It's my favorite podcast currently!  It makes me laugh, it makes me cry... mostly cry.   I believe... 

The Artpool party Saturday night was fabulous by the way.  Ted and I met some people at Ceviche's downstairs... they ended up coming to the party with us.  (how funny is that??) There were lots of people and lots of art... and the Ceviche--sangria made me feel comfortable to be there... I also ran into Van--an old acquaintance from high school.  It's a small world ain't it?

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