Sunday, April 26, 2009

Here is some of my latest work.  I dropped it off at Cherie's today... for sale at Cherie's! The bottom piece is of a dream... in my dream I constructed this piece.  So it was like I saw myself working on this.  

I got to paint today. I needed it.  Ted and the kids went on an all day dig to excavate an ostrich skeleton.  I hear they had to dig 5 ft down to get all the bones.  They did this with our science group and Doug Scull.  I'm glad I didn't go... digging all day is probably not my idea of fun.  Nor do I like swimming in lakes.  (In college I got lake water in my mouth while swimming... and ended up in the ER with a really bad mouth infection...)

After spending the afternoon at the studio... I headed to Publix to do a little dinner shopping.  Lulu was raving about my lasagna so I felt I should make it today... plus some calories for my hard working crumbcakes would be a good idea.  In line... the lady in front of me was taking forever... it was her and two children--not her own.  When it came time to pay she didn't have her wallet.  She had the cheapest food in her bags and not that much of it.  She ran out to her car to get her wallet.  Meanwhile the man behind me was beginning to get really upset... So I talked him out of being angry.  He said he timed the trip between basketball games... (or was it half time?)  Anyway, I asked him if he had money on the game... he said no.  I said... it was only basketball that he was missing.  In the scheme of things is it really worth getting angry over?  I had him do some deep breathing... and said how great it was that he wasn't buying ice cream.  I guess for me it was more of a joke... and the time wasn't too big of a deal... cause hey, I was shopping without 3 crumbcakes.  He was still pretty irritated at this lady... but I reminded him that he didn't know this lady's circumstances.  
The funny thing is I'm usually the one who has no patience.  I'm the one getting angry at the stupidest little things.  After I checked out--yeah, I was swiping my card real fast--to not hold this guy up any more... He  thanked me for "talking him down."  As I went out to my car I saw the lady and the kids loading up their stuff and I heard her telling the kids that they could have their cheetos when they got back to CASA.  CASA is a women's shelter--for those battered and abused who are leaving the abusive partner... seeking refuge.  

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