Sunday, April 12, 2009

Sunday, April 12, 2009

Tax day fast approaching... I'm wondering if Ted has done anything with our taxes... probably not.  So I'll bug him and remind him... and annoy him with the life that we must lead in this nation of taxes, due dates and responsibility.

Last night was fantab.  We went to the Beach Theater... the one theater on earth where you will not be bothered with hoodlums.  Ha.  Also no protesters or gang bangers looking at you with threatening eyes.  Fabulous.  We saw "TAKEN."  It was an edge of your seat flick and made me jump and squeal more than once... Which explains why when a friend grabbed me and said, "Jen!" I screamed and threw my hands in the air.  They were also at the movie... Thankfully it was no killer attempting to take me... ha.  Afterwords we went to Ceviche's--downstairs for live music.  Sylvia was playing again and we enjoyed her rocking heart singing cover tunes.  Then a Flamenco band came on.... It was jiving... and I danced to the beats... two ladies of color came up to tell me how much they liked my dancing.  That was so funny to me but I'm at that point in life where I am what I am... not afraid to hide the real me and the real me that likes to dance to the music... wowsers.

This morn I was awakened by my sister--on the tele--"GET HERE QUICK... LULU HURT HERSELF!"  The kids spent the night with the folks and well, Lulu got out of the bunk bed this morn on the wrong end... the end with the ceiling fan.  And she got clobbered across the forehead... and you and I both know what happens when you get cut in the forehead--Yes, blood everywhere.  So I was up and at um--heading up to my folks place to inspect the damage... Well, these things always look worse when your kid is covered in the velvety red juice... so mom had her hair washed and she looked good as new... minus the minor cut in her hair line.  Thankfully if she did scar--it would be covered by her hair... And it turns out that my youngest cookie crumb was going to be just fine!

CNN did a story on the sketch book project @ art house coop! I entered a sketch book into the show so I'm excited that the project is getting nationwide attention! 

Painted today... made some magnets... did some MAIL ART... thrilled about this new mail art some of it is really COOL... I'm going to send a few to myself--Chromatophore!  You should too.

Ok. Gonna go for now... 

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