Saturday, September 27, 2008

Red alert... octopus!

We went to the beach tonight for the sunset.  The kids decided it would be a good thing to bring their snorkeling equipment.  Tommy found a shell and brought it back to me and put it in our shell container.  I'm sitting quietly sketching when a little octopus emerges from the shell.  I guess he was wondering where all that water went.  He was sweet and cute and totally reminded me of a similar time when I was at the beach with my dad and he found a tiny octopus living in a shell.  I still remember the feeling of holding it with each suction opening and closing on my fingers.  I called to the whole family, "Come quick!!" They probably thought that was really weird but I yelled, "You caught an octopus." And they all came running.  Including everyone else standing around on the beach.  I'm sure that's the most attention that a Stony Field farms yogurt container has had in a long time.  Everyone was so excited to see this tiny part of God's great creation.  I was thrilled myself.  I posted one video of Lulu holding it.  (Don't know why they make you post all those other videos too...)  We looked at him and then let him crawl back into his shell and we hand delivered him to a safe spot back at home in the Gulf of Mexico.  We sure had a lot to talk about on the way home. 

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