Wednesday, November 26, 2008

what i should be doing... what i am doing...

I guess I should be making an apple cranberry pie. Instead I'm here blogging. Ted is working the late shift at the factory so I'm up to my old shenanigans and listening to Cold Play and possibly the new Killers in a little while. I should be making some jewelry too. But that can wait. So can the pie. Plus if I bake the pie tomorrow it will be fresher and better and won't get that juicy soggy feeling. I hate that. Today I was a cooking fool... making sweet potato casseroles, and 3 varieties of cranberry sauce to please everyone... I did laundry, put away Lulu's laundry--that took forever since her cousin gave her a massive amount of hand-me-downs. I put a whole garbage bag full of summer clothes into the back of her closet for future use. Her dresser can only hold so much. Such problems... what a blessing to have a cousin a little bit older and taller!! I always got hand-me-downs when I was a teen. I was so in to used clothes, men's dress shirts, the trench coat, jeans jeans jeans. Then I went through my college Gap days... and still like the Gap. Would rather do the Banana Republic ((Outlet))... I like stylish clothes. I like wearing clothes that fit me right that make me look appetizing. A few years ago I lost the 30 pounds baby fat that I gathered--10 pounds from each kid. I got to buy a whole new wardrobe. It was a blast. I went from a size 12 to a size 6. Still... sometimes i look at myself and think... Renaissance woman--too curvy. Growing up I was constantly teased for being so skinny and flat chested. High school boys can be so annoying. I never felt pretty then. But I never cared. I was wearing men's dress shirts and a trench coat... and jeans... obviously my main concern was not in looking nice or attracting the opposite sex. I was boy crazy I just thought what I was wearing was attractive and thought that I was captivating... clothes or not.

Tonight we went to Busch Gardens. We got there around 4 pm and they were open until 7 pm. That's an hour more than we thought. I rode Sheikra... the roller coaster that drops you straight down from really, really high. It really scares me but I ride for the 10 year old. It was sunset when we were on the ride and the sky was beautiful. Not as beautiful as two nights ago... but very pretty. I like my Florida sky. It's weird how wherever you go--the sky is different. At least that's been my experience. The crumbcakes loved going to Busch Gardens... and when we got in the car to leave they orchestrated, in unison, "Thank you for taking us to Busch Gardens!!" chant. We used to do that for my parents when we were kids. It brought back memories when they did it. Adorable.

Lulu rode her first roller coaster tonight... the Scorpion. It does one upside down loop. I can't believe she is tall enough to ride a roller coaster. She was so thrilled to do it, so excited. She's always trying to keep up with the brothers. She is brave and feisty, sweet and kind. She's the baby girl I always wanted.

Happy Thanksgiving everyone! Ever thankful.

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