Sunday, March 1, 2009

Is my head meant to spin in a counter clockwise fashion?

Wowsers such a busy weekend.  I'm exhausted even after my afternoon nap! Top photos are of my art, cards, jewelry, rag dolls at Cherie's in downtown St. Petersburg... Then the next set of photos are of me and the crumbcakes in the new art studio.  Then we move on to the Coliseum where Ted and I went to a Big Band dance fest last night.  It was fun but we had to leave to go out to eat at Ceviches... there was a two hour wait but we found two seats at the bar and enjoyed our meal and sangria in the company of strangers.  Just as well. I do enjoy people watching.  And I don't mind watching people do shots of Patrone.  (sp?)  My favorite thing to eat at Ceviches is a salad with smoked duck... there is also figs, artichoke, lettuce, pears and some other white spidery like vege that I don't know what it is... it was too dreamy and I savored every bite.  We headed downstairs--for the live music and enjoyed a gal named Silvia Wakte.  She plays--Wed, Fri and Sat nights.  It's her, her guitar and a drummer.  She is a cover band but, I'm guessing she has more to offer... like her own songs... perhaps she'll be singing them real soon.  This is just a hunch on my part. 

Britt and Cherie of Cherie's came by my art studio today.  They picked out 5 paintings to put in their shop.  I was thrilled and it makes me nervous too.  Sometimes I feel like I'm being swallowed whole by a giant sea monster.  Yes, it seems like a very exciting way to go... if you have to die anyway.  Seriously I feel this pressure now that I didn't have when I was just filling my house with paintings.  My house is practically bare now.  Actually, there are still a ton of pieces up... just the most personal.  All of my art is pretty personal.  Me, it's what i know best. And that has worked for many a female artist.  I would just like to break on through to the side of real art... mostly a man's world.  

Dinner is almost done... I made stuffed peppers.  This will be one of those meals where the kids look at it and almost cry... ha. They probably won't really mind it once they try it... sometimes working yourself up to the try is the hardest part.  

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