Friday, March 13, 2009

Friday is for Yard Sales

Wowsers... had a lovely day hitting a few yardsales... my neatest find today was some 1940-1950 travel magazines... deliciously funny.  There was an article about Mexico with a special highlight on artist Diego Rivera... you know Frida Kahlo's husband!  No Frida in the pics and I  haven't read the article yet.  Still, I'm excited... also some great ads for St. Petersburg, FL! And an article about the everglades.  Most of these magazines will be used for mail art... Can't wait to get started!

Other fun finds... a pair of shoes for 50 cents, some vintage fabric, a record player and some really cool records too, some tiny dolls, a mermaid doll like the one I had as a child!  And a accordion players union pin and a pin from the USSR space program... (possibly worth something?)

I also managed to clean out the car today--with the help of the guy and gal demonstrating their carpet washer... KIRBY.  I gave them $20... orange juice and a beer... and they detailed my car.  And no, I didn't buy the KIRBY at over 2 grand! Ouch! Oh, I also gave them chocolate chip cookies... homemade....


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