Sunday, March 22, 2009

part of my face is sunburned...

that's what cha get when you wear a hat and sunglasses... only part of your face gets sunburned.  I finally got done with scanning and posting all the latest mail art.  Triple ugh.  With the Internet giving me fits last week... didn't have time nor the ability to scan and post.  But, I'm back!  I'm so busy I could just forget to do everything.  Quadruple ugh! What shall I cut out first... ??? I'm frustrated--I haven't made mail art is WEEKS.  I'm becoming such a mail art loser.  And I get so much mail art everyday and I can't keep up!! Probably wouldn't be able to afford to mail something to everyone that I get something from... stamp costs these days... 

And now this whole doll thing going on at Cherie's... custom doll?? You want what?? Still, I'm trying to please everyone... even though I know I can't.  I guess I feel stressed.  Oh well... gonna hit the sack and hopefully feel like tackling the mountain o' things tomorrow! 

Oh, Dad caught a hammerhead shark!! 

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Eleni said...

a wise friend once said to me,
"you can't worry about what you think everyone else wants you to make or what would best suit each person, instead, people will come to you for what YOU make. They are already attracted to YOUR style. They want to have a little piece of THAT in their lives. They ask for something made by YOU because they love what YOU do... just make them something that YOU like, that's YOUR style, and they'll love it!"
people often don't really know what they want. but they found you, and asked you because they were attracted to your work. listen to their request, and then make what you think... what YOU think... then they'll love it and will marvel at how you just KNEW!!! people usually say they want X but really they don't mean X the way that it comes across from their mouths... they trust you your judgment, your eye, your style. Run with it! make something you love, and it's "tailored just for them" because you made it for them... what you loved, with their name on it. That's what they really want!
muah! happy creating.