Wednesday, December 30, 2009

If you are in the Tampa Bay, FL area... now is a great time to pick strawberries. And if you don't want to pick them... you can just go there and buy them.... prepicked.

1101 Shell Point Rd E
Ruskin, FL 33570

Today we did... what has become a Zee family tradition... picked strawberries during winter break. Then I made jam. I only made four batches of jam so it seems to me that we should of picked more... We'll see how long these batches last. The problem is Ted... he'll wipe out a whole jar in one setting... slathering it on his toast as a special feast. Can I complain? No, of course not. It's my duty to make the jam and his to eat it. It's so much better then even the best jams you can buy at the store. But perhaps I am partial. Yes, I think I am.

I'm exhausted. Just want to chill... not have to worry about mail art or art or kids or messy sticky kitchen floor... Now, who stepped on grapes and just left them? Wasn't me. Yeah, yeah... that's what they all say. Sticky mess... Jam making is almost totally cleaned up.... just a few lids to put away... for next time. And all the empty jars that the kids were using as drinking glasses are all filled up again with the red concoction. (you know after they were washed and boiled)

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the ice chewer said...

I can understand how you would need a break from everything. The mail art project must be very consuming. But the result is just wonderful. (I visit your virtual collection frequently).