Sunday, December 20, 2009

Xtra whipped cream please...

When you are down and out just remember that Abalcabal loves you.

I have a secret admission to make... Last night we watched "The Rocker" with Rainn WIlson... and I really liked it. I hope you don't think less of me now. Maybe I just need some comic relief.
Last week was difficult but I"m certain that this week will be better.
I sold the Green Goddess painting... my green portrait of Lulu. I think it's at the bottom of this blog. If you scroll down, down some more.... ok... there! Ted will be working again all week away from home... this has become my new life. And we are all adjusting to it. We are becoming a well-oiled machine without Ted around... on schedule... He was home today and took the kids with him to the grocery store.... since I kinda get tired of grocery shopping--I was so thankful that he went. I did make a list though. While they were gone... I went by and visited my friend Hugo Porcaro... he is an outsider artist who is just awesome! He wanted to trade one of his paintings for one of mine! I love trading--the barter! So we traded and I have a cat tea party hanging in my living room... painted on a glass window! I really wanted to buy a really nice piece of watercolor paper but that place isn't open on Sundays... I did get some fimo clay for the kids.. cause they do wonderful things with it... especially Ben and I have two weeks with crumbcakes!

I stopped by a yardsale today... secret admission #2 I LOVE YARDSALES. A while back the cakes wanted to buy a little Shilling accordion. I think it was $20-$30. And I thought it was cute but said, "No." Well today I found an almost brand new one for $3. The teenage girl was happy to get the three dollars and the cakes are having a grand time playing it. Everything I want I can find at a yardsale. It's just a year or two later then when I first wanted it... *chuckles to her self...* I think the exception is shoes. Still, I believe that God supplies my every need and if I really needed a pair of shoes I think they would come to me... one way or another.

Well... two new crumbcakes are playing in my yard... a two year old and a four year old. That is outrageous... who lets there two and four year olds play in a stranger's yard down the street?? But in this neighborhood... I have aquired extra kids for many, many a year... especially in the spring when I pass out citrus and in the summer when I hand out cookies and popsicles... Ok... gotta go watch wee ones... cause someone has got to be responsible.


the ice chewer said...

Wow. The portrait of Lulu is beautiful.

WEE-HOO said...

Thank you.