Saturday, December 19, 2009


Sometimes I could just cry
But that is what you would be expecting a
mom of three crumbcakes to do
you'd expect her to fall apart
Art was never meant for mothers...
Maybe not even for women
It's a boys club
You can cry about it
Or you can just keep trying
Your one hope is that history:
the collective group think tank
will recognize how much you did
how much you accomplished
How you opened your soul and poured out your heart
At that time... the dermestid beetles
will be devouring my bones.


Bill Evertson said...

What's the alternative? Women have always been at a disadvantage; it's true. I think that the answer is maintaining artistic persistence throughout the child-raising years. You maybe viewed by some as selfish or not a good mom, but your kids will get it and love you for it; especially since you include them in the process. Besides beetles would really rather munch on artist bones.

the ice chewer said...

Hi. You never know.
Just a few minutes I read about an artist. And how she got recognition at the age of 94!

Also, remember that being part of the mail art movement, you are getting to touch so many people.

WEE-HOO said...

Momentary lapses of... No, maybe like moments of irritation with male artists feeding me lines... who don't encourage me to be a good artist but rather a good mom... when they really don't value mothers either... BILL, you are right... my kids are my biggest fans. You know it's not that I desire money or fame... perhaps it's just respect.

Thanks ice chewer.

ria said...

In my experience, the best 'life-gift' to give to kids is to value&enjoy&develop their creativity by modeling to them that you value&enjoy&develop yours. So I'd say, rock on artist-mom-artist!:) The rest is noise, not signal.