Monday, August 4, 2008

Guinea Pigs

We sold our first, of 3 Guinea pigs yesterday. It is always difficult to see baby animals leave home--never to return. The guy seemed nice enough. Didn't seem like a weird-o or someone practicing Santa-ria. (you know what happens to those animals... if you ever see a hoof, foot, etc hanging from a rearview mirror--they didn't buy those at the ethnic grocery store...) So we didn't want to sell a guinea pig to someone who was going to offer him up as some sort of animal sacrifice. I guess I could think of other worse things for an animal but not going to mention them here. It's difficult to part with our little animal friends. Belle is the momma guinea pig. She always looks a little sad when a guinea pig leaves. She's seems annoyed with the babies for still wanting to nurse but she butts them away! "Leave me alone!" she says. But still, when they are gone--and I mean all gone she gets a little lethargic, begins to over eat and sleeps away the day. No happy chipering noises... I would say she gets depressed. That's what happened with the last batch--a little over a year ago. So this year we are keeping one--a female to be her friend and companion. We have two male guineas but she can't shack up with those guys--for one they'll fight over her and for two... we'll be making more lil piggies...

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