Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Hurricane Faye?


Here's a neat website with all sorts of good hurricane information. It looks like we'll be okay here in Tampa Bay.

We'll have a normal day of homeschool--even if we lose electricity. ho-hum. On another note--I'll be having my mail art show this Saturday night at the Globe in lovely downtown St. Petersburg.
www.globecoffeelounge.com For more info. I'll be featuring 53 pieces of mail art sent to me over the past few months. The theme of the show is "self-portrait." If you'd like to be involved for next year's show please add the group: Mail ARTists Unite to your facebook. (www.facebook.com). I'll have all the updates there--including the new theme. I was thinking about: Recycle. Possibilities with that one are endless...

Benny got to go with Granny yesterday to Busch Gardens. I think he had a grand time. I really don't like going there so the passes were a HUGE waste of money. I do not like the crowds and I don't like waiting in lines. And really I'm disillusioned with the whole idea of a theme park. But, the kids like it so I pain myself to take them. Lately I do not want to go anywhere--I seem to be so productive with my art and homemaking these days it seems like such a waste of time to be other places. I'm happy at home. If I get bored with home I'll have to figure something else out. I used to be obsessed with shopping and going places. Really--how many clothes does one person need? Not nearly as much as I have. So quitting shopping has done a world of good for me. Yesterday I made two dresses for my Lulu. I used fabric that I already have. I have a huge stock of fabric. I love to make quilts, dresses, sometimes purses, rag dolls. In between painting and writing my zine I keep busy with the machine. (sewing machine and serger). I feel incredibly blessed with this American life. Incredibly. It's a blessing to live in this country of plenty and I thank God every day for the food we eat, the house we live in, my husband who provides for the family, my family, really the blessings in my life seem endless. And I know that everything in life is temporary and I know that some people have it better than me and some people have it worse. But I give the glory to God.

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