Thursday, August 14, 2008

Today it was pouring on my way to my weekly acupuncture appointment. It's my "me" time that I've allowed myself to enjoy. It's hard to do that sometimes... okay, most of the time. The rain today reminded me of high school--running from class to class through the rain. Getting to class--soaking wet and then freezing in the air conditioning. It was a beautiful time in life. Only I didn't really know it. I loved that rain. I loved being wet to the skin. I loved not caring what my hair looked like and not caring that I was shivering. I was totally unaware of myself at that time. I wore clothing too big and too masculine--men's dress shirts with jeans and a trench coat. I wanted to be liked but didn't dress for the occasion. And I was liked--liked for me I think. Now I think a lot about putting my best foot forward to look beautiful. Deep down I still don't care what I look like but somehow as a mom and wife I feel I have to look a certain way. I'm slowly reteaching myself that it really doesn't matter what I wear... what matters is doing what is right--following God and being true to me. You have to figure out what is God's rules and what is everything else that people make up and try and make you do. So that's where I am.

So what's up with Russia invading Georgia? I know they want a complete monopoly on oil pipelines... is the world gonna sit back and let it happen. Surely Europe has to be shivering in it's boots to know that this winter Russia will be controlling their heating oil... When are we going to drill in the US and stop our dependence on foreign oil--until we can get some legit alternative energy??

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