Thursday, August 21, 2008

The day is coming...

Soon it will be the mail art extravaganza opening at the Globe. I'm a little excited. I'm also showcasing my new zine--Mail Art 2008: Self-Portrait. It is being professionally printed at a place called Jazz Printing. It should be divine. (In a very physical, non spiritual way). I'm picking up the zine at the printer on Friday--sewing all the books together by hand or machine and then they'll be done. I've sold two on pre-sales. I'm hoping to sell them all so that I can make my printing money back--you know the drill. It's also my birthday. I'll be posting photos of the event sometime next week. Next week the boys go to their gifted class so we'll start the chasing! (Chasing to p-u chasing to d-off.) We also start Mr. Doug's science class on Wed. Should be thrilling--as it always is!!
Ted has worked on our backyard. I so desperatedly wanted something better than the junk heap and weeds that we've got out back. So it's really shaping up with some upcycled materials--pavers and bricks discarded by someone else--and given to us. We got free mulch from the city. So add that with some back breaking work... and wa-la... garden bliss. (well almost!) At least now I could invite someone over and we could hang in the backyard and not be too embarrassed. One year for lulu's birthday we hired farm animals and pony to come to the house. It was fantastic. Just thought I'd add that in!! Well it's 8:33 am and we start homeschool at 9am so I better be going!

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