Wednesday, August 6, 2008

I can't sleep. I should be fast asleep. Maybe it's that crazy movie I watched tonight called, "Derailed." It derailed my sleep--thanks JEN2 for recommending it. No problemo sweetie--it was a interesting movie. The movie stars Jennifer Aniston and Clive Owen. Clive is a cutie. I won't tell you what it is about but it has a lot twists and turns and not totally predictable.

I'm listening to Secondhand Serenade right now--they are the Air Supply of this younger generation. It's Air Supply with a little kick. I accidentally saw them in concert when we went to see Yellowcard acoustic at the State theater. There were a bunch of bands playing that night... Play Radio Play, Secondhand S, Treaty of Paris, and another band who I bought a t-shirt from and which I can't remember the name of... too funny. I like the State Theater--it's an old theater that they have concerts in now... I guess you could of figured that one out already. Anyway--I love the whole general admission thing and I like the upstairs balcony. It's sweet in a gross old building way.

Oh, this week I went to a baseball game with my hubie and folks. We had a good time--I thought I would be bored with it--but I ended up really liking it--despite the fact that we lost. BOO HOO.

I think I'm ready for homeschool--starting next week!! Jumping right in--a week early from public school--but we got a lot of info to cover this year! I'm taking on Chemistry and American history... we'll see how that goes! I'm guessing I'm going to learn a lot! I hope the kids do too!

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Sarah said...

I love your mail art at the bottom of your blog! Do your kids like Mail art too? My son is six and he loves to exchange with other kids! I actually started a blog for him:

Thanks for your comment on my surreal collage book...

I was actually homeschooled K-5th grade. I had a bit of a tramatic experience because I went into public school in 6th grade, which wasn't the smartest idea in the world, as kids are so cruel at that age...

but I think homeschooling, in my experience, made me a much more creative person. my mother let me have the freedom to practice violin for hours or to take a break from studies to paint a picture, etc.

now that i'm raising children, personally i couldn't do homeschooling, but kudos to you for choosing that path!

good luck with your new school year!