Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Accident Prone week

I've had a weird week. See what happens when you get out of your schedule... your whole life goes to hell in a hand basket. What is a hand basket and why do people ride to hell in them?? I wish I knew. First of all while making the fish dinner on Sunday night... I burned my arm while putting potatoes into the oven... duh--it left a nice one inch mark that now is dark red looking and blistery. Then this week I was painting a chandelier to hang in the kitchen. (And I love it and it looks really cool) After a couple coats of red, gold and yellow paint... we sprayed it with some gloss and let it hang outside on our porch overhang. Well I went out to gloss the other part of the chandelier when I turned to go into the house--hitting my head on the chandelier and then falling down the 3 steps to the stone pavement. That was fun and embarrassing. I waited until I went inside and upstairs to my bedroom before I cried. And today I am still SORE. DUH. Then today I thought it would be a good idea to give the kitten a flea bath since that WILD CAT that we adopted is so full of fleas. I had him outside and everything was going really well until our dog Charlie decided to inspect this kitten. The kitten spat, clawed and in the end bit down into my right hand pointer finger. I didn't cry right away but I had this horrible sinking feeling... like oh my, am I going to die? After Ben's run in with the guinea pig bite... I'm thinking I don't want to spend 5 days on IV antibiotics in the hospital. So if I don't write for the next week--you'll know I ended up really sick. And if I die--know that I love you all dearly. Seriously, I'm starting the antibiotic tonight. I will probably go for a tetanus shot tomorrow or Friday depending on who is open. My bite didn't bleed anywhere near the amount that Ben's did. I'm nervous. Everything is going to be okay, right? I just can't believe how immensely stupid that I am.

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